Document Management |
Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides a centralised document management environment that ensures everyone is working from the correct document.

It is therefore vital in avoiding mistakes and duplication of effort, while also reducing storage costs and minimising the risk of losing vital information.


Feature Wheel

  • Document control
    • Integration with desktop applications.
    • Ease of use and quick uptake.
    • Major and minor version control safeguards changes.
    • Notification of new and changed information.
    • Full audit trail for compliance reporting.
    • Configurable metadata for information capture.
  • Records management
    • Controls information lifecycle from creation to destruction.
    • Manages physical and electronic records.
    • Applies 'holds' to records to prevent unauthorised deletion.
    • Classifies content based on a file plan.
    • Controls storage based on age and relevance.
  • Document register
    • Familiar grid-based view of design information.
    • Automatic generation of transmittal sheets.
    • Issue design information online.
    • Supports paper based processes.
    • Full audit and activity tracking.
  • MS Office integration
    • Open and Save from desktop applications.
    • Access multiple versions from authoring application.
    • Supports extended metadata and document properties.
    • Upload large volumes of documents through drag and drop.
    • Online and offline modes.
  • Viewer
    • Web based viewing of drawing, PDF and image files.
    • Support for 2D and 3D drawing formats.
    • Online annotation and mark-up.
    • Integrated overlay or side by side comparison.
    • Export drawings or annotations to PDF.