Knowledge Sharing |
Enterprise Content Management

Causeway ECM provides a knowledge management platform that allows people to keep in touch, share best practice and avoid mistakes – even in large organizations where it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s activities.

The result is that less time is wasted re-inventing work that has already been created.


Feature Wheel

  • Search
    • Full text search of multiple object and file types.
    • Natural language searching.
    • Automatic summarisation, relevancy ranking and key phrases.
    • Fast navigation through results with automatic generation of themes.
    • Search templates, queries and results for re-use.
  • Social working
    • Provides collaborative items such as blogs, wikis, news and FAQs.
    • Enables following of colleagues and team members .
    • Supports ability to like and comment on content.
    • Supports access and updates from web or mobile devices.
    • Project and individual activity feeds.
  • Communities of practice
    • Community workspaces.
    • Supports news, wikis and blogs within communities.
    • Configurable role-based community home page.
    • Facilitates internal and external community participants.
    • Proactive alerts for community updates.
  • Notifications
    • Email or web-based notification of new content.
    • Personalised frequency of notification reports.
    • Ability to direct selected documents to other peoples' reports.
    • Personal choice of relevant events or actions.
    • Notification of new content within documents.
  • SharePoint integration
    • Provides web parts to embed ECM content into a SharePoint site.
    • Tools for controlled and templated site creation.
    • Allows archiving of SharePoint sites, folders or documents.
    • Combines searching of Causeway ECM and SharePoint repositories.
    • Simple restoration of archived sites.