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Causeway´s Tradex has supported electronic trading in the Construction Industry for over 14 years, so Causeway well understands the day to day issues you face in trying to make e–invoicing happen.

We have selected Tradex as our chosen platform to establish electronic invoice exchange throughout our supply chain. Tradex is a proven service in our sector and one that offers you connection options to suit your processes. Once you have chosen a connection method, please register your choice here.

Tradex Portal: This is a simple and free web-access to Tradex that allows you to enter your invoice details using an on-line form. Tradex Portal is not integrated with your back office applications, but is ideal for companies who only exchange a low number of documents, allowing organisations to start exchanging invoices electronically immediately and without any start-up costs. This connection type includes Reports, Invoice Templates and 7-Year Archiving.

Tradex Automated: Using an integrated connection, invoices are exported from your back office application and uploaded into Tradex. Tradex handles the data conversion between the format you upload and the format required by Aggregate Industries. Providing a system-generated PDF is a supported upload method. There is a set up and annual charge for an integrated connection. This same connection can also be used to send electronic invoices to other customers.

Tradex Hub Connect:
If you are already connected to another e-Invoicing service provider, you could look at routing your invoices through into Tradex using your existing connection. There will be no subscription fees to pay to Causeway for these interconnections, though there may be a set-up charge if we need to carry out integration work on your behalf.

Please register your interest for your preferred connection method.

If you have any queries please contact us at [email protected]