Before using biometric technology on site, Murray & Willis were relying on old-fashioned paper timesheets to collate time and attendance records, manage resources and track site safety. The business has now implemented the Causeway Donseed cloud-based solution and is reaping the benefits of having access to real-time, accurate data across all of their live sites.

Murray & Willis' Journey to Accurate Biometric Data

Staffordshire-based Murray & Willis are specialised refurbishment contractors who have grown considerably in recent years and now work on projects of up to £6,000,000. In this case study Murray & Willis’ Chairman, Nigel Clempson, Senior Contracts Manager, Emma Brookes, Finance Director, Declan Dwyer, Senior HS&E Manager, Dave Jackson and HR & Training Manager, Dawn Clempson discuss their implementation of the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution.

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