Causeway begins its 3rd year of Wellness

Topics: Wellbeing, Wellness, Employee Benefits

Causeway is beginning its 3rd year of Wellness following 2 successful years of delivering the programme across the business. It’s an exciting time with some new and fresh challenges for Wellness at Causeway.

We are looking at developing the programme to further engage the company’s overseas offices while at the same time looking at new initiatives on the UK front. The challenges remain consistent:  notably; achieving a work life balance in a thriving and forward looking business; helping people manage their wellbeing with the perennial challenges of weight control, eating more healthily with a balanced diet that fits a busy work schedule and exercising on a regular basis amidst the hectic start to a busy new year with new and exciting approaches in the business. Together with these, we aim to build resilience into the company’s workforce to help energise everyone and benefit the business, as well as wellbeing in general.

I’m sure that everyone joining Causeway will be enthusiastic and motivated by the company’s caring and enthusiastic approach to wellness. To join a company that cares so much about the health of their employees is both refreshing and key to building success for the future.

The corporate world is becoming increasingly aware of the need to look after its people. Corporate wellness is no longer just a “nice to have element” but an essential part of a company’s approach to keeping people and promoting a positive and energised company profile. The nucleus of preventative cardiovascular medicine in Europe has realised this, hence their intention to survey just exactly what is going on in corporate wellness across Europe. Exciting times ahead!

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