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Welcome to our electronic invoicing microsite.

Eurovia and Ringway now operate an eInvoicing solution. All invoices, credits, applications and associated paperwork need to be submitted electronically through the Causeway Tradex platform, our chosen electronic invoicing partner.

Tradex provides a secure and reliable invoice delivery solution where your invoices are received in a format that is quick to upload, resulting in fewer errors and delays in processing.

To ensure the seamless flow of invoices and be certain that the process is delivering mutual benefits for both parties, vendors must NOT supply and deliver any goods or services without a valid purchase order. The purchase order number MUST be quoted on every invoice and all correspondence. Failure to provide this information will cause delays in the processing of your invoice.

Tradex is an eTrading solution that is used by organisations throughout the industry so your connection may also give you the ability to exchange paperless invoicing with other customers.


What do I need to do now?

To get you started, you will be given access to a web-based portal which is free to use. This allows your invoices to be generated by populating a simple invoice template with required data which can be selected from drop down menus. If you have received your Username and Password you can login here.

For suppliers new to Eurovia and Ringway's Tradex portal, the Causeway Tradex community management team will send you an email communication and follow up with a call to onboard your company so you can start sending e-invoices.

There are alternatives to this method dependant on the number of invoices raised by your organisation, for details of the connection options available please click here.


How to create and send an invoice to Eurovia on Tradex

For more on how to use Tradex to send invoices to the Eurovia Group, click here to access the Portal Online Help Guide.

"I am delighted that we are progressing with electronic trading with all of our vendors that support our Eurovia and Ringway businesses across the UK. We believe this is a far more modern, environmentally friendly and effective method to trade with us and an important part of our relationship with you."

Scott Wardrop
Chief Executive


Thank you

Thank you in advance for your support in this undertaking, we look forward to building a more sustainable and streamlined e-invoicing process.

You can speak to our community management team for onboarding guidance and information here.

Already on the portal and looking for support? Email Tradex support here.