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A flexible and easy to deploy e-Trading solution

For companies looking to significantly reduce the cost of their transaction processes, Causeway´s Tradex is a flexible and easy to deploy e–Trading solution eliminating the inefficiencies associated with handling paper trading documents.

By enabling supply chain partners to send and receive electronic trading documents, such as invoices and orders, the waste associated with manually printing, posting and re-keying data as a means of communication between computer systems, is avoided.

A single connection to Tradex allows a user to send or receive documents to all their trading partners – without the need for paper. Tradex connection options help companies of all sizes and invoice volumes to adopt electronic data exchange.

Tradex has been supporting the construction supply chain for over 15 years and has been voted as e-Commerce Product of the Year in the Construction Computing Awards for 4 consecutive years.

Unlocking the full benefits of e-Trading requires a solution that is business-centred. Unlocking the full benefits of e-Trading requires something that understands business. This is something we call Tradexing®

Tradexing® is about building an open and integrated business community.

Tradexing® is e-Trading for any business document you need to exchange.

Tradexing® is e-Trading supported by flexible Business Rules.

Tradexing® is e-Trading within a shared environment accessible to both buyers and suppliers.

Tradexing® facilitates innovation within the supply chain.

Tradexing® is about business first and technology second.

Simple, rapid installation means the benefits can quickly be achieved. Fully implemented, Tradex provides a single gateway solution to an expanding electronic community.

Contact Causeway if you want to find out how you can make the full use of Tradex.

If you have a Tradex Portal support request, please contact Tradex Support.