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Mitie is making it faster, more cost effective and environmentally friendly for you to submit your Prequalification Questionnaire (PQQ) via our Tradex Platform


The Mitie Tradex Platform

As a valued supplier to Mitie we would like to take this opportunity to inform and remind you of the requirement to submit your Prequalification Questionnaire.

Supplier Management is an online system, powered by Causeway Technologies, that allows for online management of suppliers and subcontractors to improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of accrediting and managing a supply chain, whilst helping to select the best-accredited suppliers based on a range of criteria.

Why do I need to do this?​

The platform allows Mitie to ensure effective management of the supply chain. In order to trade with Mitie, you need to be accredited within this platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to doing this?​

  • Once approved vendors are in place and working on contracts, the Supplier Management platform enables regular and consistent capture of vital performance feedback relating to both vendors and internal teams. This provides the essential two-way feedback that underpins ongoing improvement, closer working in partnership and category management.

How do I complete my PQQ?​

  • Completing your PQQ within Supplier Management is performed online via the link above. You should prepare the following documents in advance:
  • Insurance certificates
  • SSIP

How do I update my information including insurance certificate SSIP?

  • Please follow the existing link for vendor maintenance

Do you need a login to Mitie Vendor Maintenance?

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