We are delighted to announce that Tim Cole, a Causeway Director, has been appointed as a member of the Executive Committee of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association. EESPA is a trade association for the fast-moving e-Invoicing industry and acts as a platform for industry cooperation on non-competitive issues (www.eespa.eu).

Formed on the 6th of November 2011, EESPA comprises of 37 European service providers, all of which are committed to raising the profile of electronic invoicing throughout Europe. As a not-for-profit organisation, EESPA is dedicated to promoting interoperability, supporting the wider adoption of e-Invoicing, recommending best practise and providing services to its members. E-Invoicing is a public policy priority of the European Commission. Through e-Invoicing, organisations replace paper invoices with electronic transactions to realise cost savings, speed-up payments, save carbon, and improve transparency and liquidity. With material savings for enterprises of all sizes, adoption is increasing rapidly with business and consumer markets growing by 30%-40% per annum. About Tim Cole: Tim has been encouraging the construction industry to embrace the benefits of eBusiness since 1994, when he became the Community Manager for CITE (Construction Industry Trading Electronically), a trade association of over 200 companies that is now part of BuildingSmart (www.buildingsmart.co.uk). Tim joined Causeway in 1999 to support the practical adoption of eBusiness, resulting in the development of the Tradex eTrading solution. Tim is also a director of BASDA (Business Application Software Developers Association), the founder of the Hub Alliance (www.huballiance.org) and a member of the UK eInvoice Advocacy Group (www.ukeag.org.uk), which represents the interests of the UK within the EU Forum. Tim looks forward to making a strong contribution to the EESPA Executive Committee.

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