Multidisciplinary engineering construction company Sammon Group has introduced Causeway Estimating and CAD Measure to consolidate a number of key processes, streamline tender management and improve efficiency.

Sammon Group has its headquarters in Kilcock, Ireland and operations in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and London. The company prides itself on professional delivery and a key requirement was being able to respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently by reducing the time required to produce tenders.

Previously the company had been taking-off quantities from drawings manually and using another estimating package combined with spreadsheets. This was partly because Sammon Group receives high volumes of Bills of Quantity in spreadsheet format.

With Causeway Estimating the company now has a single, integrated system with the ability to import spreadsheets directly and, once the job has been won, reports on key metrics such as costs and resources can be quickly broken down and used by the buying team. The end result is a greatly improved flow of information through the business.

In addition, the rate build-up functionality of Estimating provides full visibility of how an end price has been reached, with the ability to drill down into further detail. The software’s multi-user functionality is also proving very useful in enabling users to access the system remotely.

Further efficiencies are achieved with the introduction of automated measurement using CAD Measure.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined tender management.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Single, integrated system.
  • Ability to import BoQ spreadsheets directly.
  • Rate build-up with drill-down functionality.
  • Automated measurement from drawings and models.
  • Multi-user functionality.
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