We drop in on world class trampolinist, Laura Gallagher, to find out how she is getting on, see her in action and find out how our support is helping her achieve her goal of being the very best in the world.

Trampolinists bounce high. Very high... In the case of Laura Gallagher, performing at a height of 25ft is nothing out of the ordinary. If you're thinking that sounds dangerous, you'd be right. Whilst warming up in February 2010, a simple mistake drove her knee into her chin, stripping the cartilage from beneath her kneecap and cracking teeth. Laura's season was immediately over...and her year-long rehabilitation began. After months of agonising physiotherapy and recovery, Laura is now back and "stronger than ever", according to coach Susan Bramble. We therefore took the opportunity to visit Laura at one of her training sessions, have a chat and find out how our funding is helping her on her road to becoming the best in the world.

"Part of being a top sports-person is knowing you can push yourself to the maximum that it is possible to come back from injury." -- Susan Bramble, Laura's coach.

Laura is now back in competition, following a rigorous schedule of training and competing - winning both the South Shields and Newtownards Gala in the last two months! On the 24th of June, Laura will fly to Japan to train and compete in the Chinese and Japanese World Cups, in the Synchronized Ladies competitions. She will return from Japan on the 11th of July, to compete in our National Finals on the 23-24th of July, before trialling for eligibility to compete in the World Championships on the 14th August and 11th September. If she qualifies for the World Championships, she will be asked to attend two or three World Cups held in on 21st and 29th of September and 6th of October (6th) and then the World Championships between 17 and 19th of November. If Great Britain achieve a place at the Olympic Games, the trials will take place in January. Training and competing with this regularity comes with a price, however. Apart from the voluntary coaching Laura does, she doesn't work and is entirely reliant on funding from Supertramp - the trampoline company. On top of this, the different types of competitions use different trampolines: 5x4s for World Championships and the Olympic Games and 4x4s for European and World Cups. The differences between the two are significant and, to compete at the highest level, Laura has to split her training across both. To support Laura's quest to be the best in the world, the Causeway Foundation has donated a new trampoline bed and two new crash mats to her efforts. As Susan explained, this is vital to Laura's training:

"Like most world class athletes, Laura has chosen to delay her education and career opportunities to enable her to concentrate on her Olympic and sporting ambitions. Last year, she gave up employment to become a full time athlete. Laura is totally dependent on financial support for the specialist equipment she needs from grants and sponsorship. The equipment Causeway have supplied is paramount to her training; it means she now has the correct trampoline to train effectively in both her training locations. Thank you very much for helping!"

You can follow Laura's progress at her blog, or by checking back at the Causeway Foundation! Laura's Forthcoming Schedule:

  • 24/06: Fly to Japan for training
  • 30/06: Chinese World Cup
  • 07/07: Japanese World Cup
  • 11/07: Fly home to the UK
  • 23-24/07: National Finals
  • 14/08: First trials for World Championships
  • 11/09: Second trial for World Championships
  • 21/09: World Cup*
  • 29/09: World Cup*
  • 6/10: World Cup*
  • 17-19/11: World Championships
  • 01/2012: Olympic Trials

*Laura will compete in two of these three if she qualifies for the World Championships. [contact-form 8 "Contact Form"]

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