With the help of Causeway’s Tradex e-Invoicing solution, specialist plant and construction equipment supplier Hewden has gone from receiving 50,000-60,000 paper invoices a year to a completely paperless process in the space of just four weeks.

Hewden has been using Tradex for some time, initially rolling it out to its top 20 suppliers and subsequently to others. However, the company was still receiving high volumes of paper invoices that need to be matched and scanned. In mid-January 2014 the company decided it wanted to eliminate receipt of paper invoices by the end of February. Having explored a number of options the company enlisted Causeway’s help to achieve this.

Within just four weeks, Causeway designed, tested and implemented a system with its scanning partner Box-it. Now, paper invoices are sent to Box-it initially, OCR-scanned and submitted to Tradex for validation.

Causeway is now working with Hewden to help suppliers that are still sending out paper invoices to make the transition to electronic submission of invoices directly into the Tradexsystem.

Photo courtesy of Mike Brocklebank.

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