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SPIE UK - Electronic Invoicing

SPIE UK now requires its suppliers to submit electronic invoices. This is an important part of our relationship with you as it will provide a more cost effective, visible and sustainable invoice to payment process.

We have selected the electronic trading service operated by Causeway, known as Tradex, as our chosen platform to establish electronic invoice exchange throughout our supply chain. Tradex is a proven service in our sector and one that offers you a range of connection options to suit your processes. For example, if you send a high volume of invoice data to SPIE UK, you can upgrade your Tradex connection to automatically send invoices from your back office software. Your Tradex connection could also be used to send e-Invoices to other customers.

To get you started, you will initially be provided with access to a web-based service called Tradex Portal that is free to use to submit your invoices by keying the details into a simple template. Please activate your active Tradex account here using your unique account number.

Please note that you are required to include a valid Purchase Order number when submitting your invoices to SPIE UK to ensure these can be processed for payment. As soon as you start sending us electronic invoices you must STOP sending paper invoices. If you want to discuss this with a member of the SPIE UK project team, please use the following email address: [email protected]

How to create and send an invoice

For more on how to use Tradex to send invoices to SPIE UK, click here to access the Portal Online Help Guide.

Thank you for your support in this undertaking. We look forward to working with you to create a sustainable and streamlined e-invoicing process.

If you have a Tradex Portal support request, please contact Tradex Support.