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Sir Robert MacAlpine

Tradex is an internet/web hosted electronic document exchange, operated by Causeway Technologies, that facilitates the transfer of transactions, such as invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes between the different back office applications used by buyers and suppliers, cutting out the exchange of paper. Different options exist to allow companies of all sizes, transaction volumes or IT infrastructure to use Tradex to connect with Sir Robert McAlpine for paperless invoicing.

What are the benefits from connecting through Tradex?

Tradex provide secure predictable invoice delivery. Your invoices are received in a format that will quickly be imported and processed, resulting in fewer errors and delays in processing your invoices for payment. Tradex is an e-trading connection that is used by organisations throughout the industry which means that your connection will also give you the ability to connect for paperless invoicing with many other customer. Additionally, Tradex offers a web portal for uploading invoices or processing PDF invoices.

Why is paperless invoicing important to Sir Robert McAlpine?

Your ability to exchange electronic invoices through Tradex is a key part of SRM’s strategy for improving supply-chain relationships and ensuring transparency, payment of invoices without undue delay and that we deliver a value added service, in the most cost effective manner.

Do I have to do this to be a Sir Robert McAlpine Supplier?

In short no. We encourage paperless invoicing because it is the right thing to do and benefits both parties. It is SRM’s preferred method of receiving invoices and while it does not preclude paper invoices we encourage you to go paperless by the means that suits you.

This improves efficiency of the payment process, sustainably it means less printing and processing of paper and generally leads to better supplier integration. This isn’t just to our advantage, it will also reduce your own cost of invoicing. The exact cost and cost reduction will vary on transaction volume, which is why different options to go paperless exist that should suit all requirements.

Our key driver is that paperless invoicing is sustainable best business practice and we are supportive of helping you achieve this with us. To contact Sir Robert McAlpine directly, please email [email protected]

I only send a few invoices; will I still benefit from using Tradex?

Yes. Tradex provides an online connection option for suppliers who cannot justify a connection from their accounts application. This is free to use to submit your invoices. If you send a larger number of invoices, whether to SRM or to other customers accessible through Tradex, we recommend you discuss connection options directly with the Tradex Helpdesk team.

Are there charges for doing this?

SRM itself will not impose any charge directly for adopting paperless invoicing or any penalty for not. As mentioned above. There are a number of connection types available to you. These range from a free-to-use model to a transaction-driven cost. If you are a low volume user, there is an option that is free to use where you key in your invoices online (Tradex Portal). If you send sufficient volume of documents, then you can establish a connection that exports invoices from your back office and uploads them automatically into Tradex. This involves a setup fee and annual charge which the Tradex team can discuss with you.

Our key driver is that paperless invoicing is sustainable best business practice and we are supportive of helping you achieve this with us.

I can’t produce electronic invoices

In this case, using the Tradex Portal would be your best option to adopt, though it is best to discuss with the Tradex team as they can work through any detailed questions and may be able to help you establish a connection

Will this work for my other customers and suppliers as well?

Yes. As well as customers and suppliers hosted directly with Tradex, your Tradex connection will provide you the ability to exchange electronic transaction documents (invoices, receipts, orders, delivery notes, credit notes) with many other companies as well.

What if I have a support request regarding Tradex Portal?

If you have a support request regarding your use Tradex Portal, please contact Tradex Support.

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