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BIM Infrastructure Design

Powerful, intuitive software for the design, maintenance, annotation and quantification of road markings to the current TSRGD.

PDS Line can run inside AutoCAD or as a standalone product in our own CAD system.  Objects are intelligent and dynamic, whilst harnessing the power of BIM to provide a project-wide solution for road marking design.

Feature Wheel

  • DFT diagrams
    • Complete library of lines, text and symbols ready to use.
    • Library updated and issued to download.
  • Custom libraries
    • Build a library of non-standard line types.
    • Build a library of non-standard text.
    • Utilise standard placement and editing tools.
  • Annotation
    • Configure the output style and content.
    • Marking properties picked up automatically.
    • Annotation output associated with the marking.
    • Any change to the marking reflects in the annotation.
    • Setting out reports on the drawing.
    • Setting out into a text or CSV file.
  • 3D surface integration
    • Associate the markings with 3D highway designs.
    • Highway design changes reflected in the markings.
    • Project markings onto the digital surface.
    • Export into BIM collaboration packages.
    • Attribute data attached to exported files.
  • Dynamic placement tools
    • Flexible placement options.
    • Associate markings with the layout.
    • Align markings with the layout.
    • Drag and drop placement.
    • In place editing tools.
    • Edit properties.

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