Integrated workforce solutions to create true digital worker ID

From skills management to accurate biometric time and attendance and integrated digital worker ID, discover how our digital workforce management solutions can give you full control of your sites and improve worker safety.

Digital worker ID construction sites

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How we transform workforce management

Our tools are transforming how workforces are managed across the built world. Our flexible integrated field workforce management solutions help you increase efficiency and achieve real, impactful results for your organisation’s biggest cost.

Match training to projects

Every project is different. Some require specialist skills as well as industry qualifications and experience. Our solutions ensure only certified, on-boarded workers can gain access to your sites.

Digitise on site paper

Replace paper processes, such as time sheets and H&S waivers, with custom digital alternatives. Reduce errors, create audit trails and get real-time data for analysis to support agile decision-making.

Prevent time theft

Our biometric time and attendance solutions mean you know exactly who is on-site and when. Reduce risk and fraud, increase compliance and keep on top of project costs.

Support health and safety

Make sure all staff have appropriate health and safety training for the hazard level of their next work site, with digital training videos sent directly to their mobile app in advance.

Communicate with the field

Our mobile apps allow you to send notifications and messages to specific segments of your workforce. Rapidly deploy teams, respond to complex situations, and keep everyone informed.

Get a granular picture

Manage your workforce with a validated, true digital ID for each worker that includes time and attendance, and site access. Our construction skills management tool also records medical and fatigue data.

Rapidly deploy teams

Manage planned and unplanned maintenance contracts and assign teams based on their skill levels. Monitor construction time and attendance on site, and automate admin and financial processes.

Get instant project reports

Our connected systems give you a view of what’s happening on site in real time. Manage resources, respond quickly, and generate daily or weekly reports.

Oversee your supply chain

Whether they’re your own employees, subcontractors or labour agency workers, get a clear picture of the skillset at every location, worker distribution and spread, and allocate them where you need them most.

Making workforce management flow
Boost productivity with our digital tools

To manage squeezed profit margins, you need to be able to proactively manage resources, costs and finances throughout your project. Thanks to our construction workforce management software, you can harness actionable site data in real time to support agile decision-making.

How we solve this

Digitise and automate paper-based processes to increase speed and accuracy.

Reduce risk and gain tighter control of project costs with biometric time and attendance tracking.

Ensure pre-qualification and certification prior to teams arriving on site, to increase efficiency.

Increase compliance and reduce risk

From health and safety to sustainability and fraud, our construction workforce management software solutions ensure that you meet your goals and obligations are met, while mitigating risk.

How we solve this

Conduct site-relevant safety training remotely prior to workers arriving on location.

Ensure all workers have relevant training or experience for the site they’re working on.

Automatically monitor workers’ competencies and expiries, identifying potential skills gaps ahead of time.

Manage security, time and attendance

Whether it’s a large infrastructure project or a small, quick turnaround site, we have workforce management tools that support your needs.

How we solve this

Deploy facial recognition, fingerprint sensors and attendance logging systems.

Use GPS virtual boundary functions via mobile apps to monitor who’s on-site.

Ensure accuracy with mobile systems that don’t rely on signal strength to function accurately.

Whether you’re managing large sites with multiple turnstiles or small sites with smartphone apps, our hardware agnostic software works.

Keep your workers informed

A mobile or supply-chain workforce can be notoriously difficult to communicate with. But with our new app-based digital passport, you can drive enagement by keeping your workforce informed, wherever they are.

How we solve this

Broadcast instant alerts about schedule changes, incidents, and important health and safety information.

Record on-site training or provide site-specific onboarding online in advance of site visits.

Filter communications by current and recent sites and locations, as well as by teams or skill levels.

Explore our solutions for workforce management

Accurate biometric time and attendance
Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance solution works with access control devices such as turnstiles, aids faster project costing and helps automate payroll routines. And our mobile solutions work with smartphones, tablets, and biometric devices. See who’s on site and record accurate timesheets.

A digital passport for your field workforce
Skills Management

Our digital passport lets workers take their verified work history, qualifications, and up-to-date certifications with them wherever they go. It helps managers select appropriately qualified workers for the specific needs of the job, mitigating risk, driving compliance, and reducing costs.

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