Solutions designed for manufacturers and all types of suppliers

Enhance operational efficiency, simplify your finances and reach new prospects in the construction supply chain with our industry-leading solutions for product manufacturers, plant hire companies and suppliers.

Solutions designed for manufacturers and all types of suppliers

Serving all types of suppliers and manufacturers

Product manufacturers

We help streamline your commercial and financial operations, reach the right specifier audience, elevate your products and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Construction suppliers

We empower our network of construction suppliers with tools for seamless trading, increased visibility and effective market engagement, enhancing operational efficiency and commercial success.

Non-construction suppliers

We help non-construction suppliers like cleaners and caterers to improve their visibility, manage transactions more efficiently, and optimise their supply chain management.

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Helping you meet your strategic goals
Streamline your supply chain operations and minimise risk

Our solutions provide tools for achieving greater operational agility and enhancing efficiency. Specifically designed for manufacturers, especially those grappling with capital and scalability challenges, our offerings make it easier to thrive in tough times. By embracing digital transformation and strategic diversification, you can transform challenges into springboards for sustainable growth.

We make it easier for you to connect with buyers, understand how your products are doing, and manage your invoices more simply. We aim to help streamline your work, make things more efficient, and let you focus on growing your sales and business.

Improve brand visibility and reach the right people

Improving brand visibility and reaching the right audience is crucial for product manufacturers and suppliers, yet limited market insights can hinder growth potential.

Our solutions provide the necessary insights and clarity for growth, enhancing visibility within the supply chain to quickly identify and seize opportunities. With refined strategies for market positioning and targeted engagement, we empower you to connect with potential buyers more effectively, ensuring your brand stands out in a competitive landscape.

Activate the golden thread of data

Our platform transforms your workflows by centralising product and supplier data, simplifying compliance, and promoting sustainability. Designed for suppliers looking to digitise and capitalise on their data, it turns complex data management into an opportunity for growth.

By connecting products and suppliers in one database, we make collaboration easier, from buyer-seller interactions to tracking carbon values. Our goal is to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and help you focus on what truly matters - building a sustainable and profitable future.

Our solutions for suppliers and manufacturers

Our construction invoice software
Invoice Management

Send and receive invoices, orders and GRNs in one place. Automate manual steps, perform validations, gain visibility on invoices, save time, and improve supply chain relationships.

Construction product database Causeway SpecifiedBy
Product Specification

Elevate your brand visibility with Causeway SpecfiedBy. Get your products in front of 80,000 industry professionals, including architects and specifiers, and generate more leads and enquiries.

Construction telemarketing Causeway Enhance

Reach the right people in the right markets with Causeway Enhance. With 15+ years in construction telemarketing, we're your experts in building powerful, tailored campaigns that retain and grow your base.

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