Integrated solutions to strengthen the entire supply chain network

From supplier management and product specification through to electronic e-invoicing and carbon reporting, discover how our software solutions help you connect the supplier chain, reduce risks, drive meaningful efficiencies, and achieve greater sustainability outcomes.

Integrated solutions to strengthen the entire supply chain network1

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Software solutions for managing your supply chain

We help suppliers grow their businesses, contractors increase operational efficiency and drive increased value across the supply chain.

Source products and services

With our industry-leading solutions, specifiers and architects can easily source new products, CPDs and subcontractors according to project fit. Promote your brand and connect with key decision-makers at the right moment.

Accelerate purchasing and invoicing

Simplify and streamline the way you manage your procure-to-pay process with innovative software solutions that drive faster, easier and more transparent transactions between buyers and sellers.

Find new customers

From human-centric telemarketing to our product search catalogue, our solutions help product suppliers generate leads and increase sales. This leaves you with more time to focus on building relationships and your growth-driving strategy.

Take our systems with you

Our mobile-first approach connects site teams with those in the office. Now you can see when site teams receive goods and stay informed about site activity without relying on paper documents.

Use data to drive business growth

Our software helps you get the most out of data. Whether you’re searching for new customers for your products, or digitalising construction processes on-site, we have a solution for you.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Our solutions are always updated with the latest regulatory compliance criteria, so you can progress projects with confidence, knowing that you are meeting all your obligations.

Meet your sustainability goals

Our carbon reporting solution lets you track and minimise the embodied carbon in the products you use throughout the supply chain. Lessen your impact on the environment, and enhance your sustainability credentials.

Build resilience into your business

Our software helps contractors optimise their processes to manage costs, reduce waste and mitigate their exposure to risk. Whatever changes occur in the industry, you’ll be in the best position to weather the storm.

Easily track and manage your suppliers

Specialist projects require specialist skills. Our supplier management solutions let you search for the right partners for your projects based on their certifications and professional experience.

Making the supply chain flow
Increase efficiency and meet your targets

Optimised business processes can help minimise costs and drive value in even the most complex projects. From choosing the best-fit construction products to reducing admin and waste, our software is designed to help you maximise your resources.

How we solve this

Streamline workflows and automated processes, reducing delays on-site and accelerating administrative tasks.

Complete your project on time, within budget and with full compliance using our automatically updated tools. 

Prove due diligence and reduce risk

From worker competence to embodied carbon and even health and safety, our solutions create auditable data trails that let you prove compliance and sustainability throughout your business.

How we solve this

Ensure the provenance, compliance, and competent use of your construction products with a clear golden thread of data across the site, whether your job is to source or supply.

Use shared industry databases and workforce management solutions to find the best-fit construction products or certified skills and specialisms for your project.

Reduce loss and error caused by paper-based processes with simple, digital alternatives.

Improve real-time project visibility

Our integrated data solutions let you see what’s happening anywhere on a project in real time. Gain oversight, save time, and make faster decisions.

How we solve this

Replace month-end reporting with automatically generated weekly or daily reports.

Reduce cost creep with real-time views of construction product and plant hire costs on-site or in the office.

Make quick decisions in the face of unplanned changes in scope due to forces outside your control.

Explore our solutions for the supply chain

Our construction invoice software
Electronic Invoicing

Causeway Tradex is our streamlined e-invoicing solution that digitalises supply chain transactions. Make invoice management simple and reduce remittance delays. Tradex enables straight-through payment processing, aligning invoices and POs and deriving actionable data at the same time.

Digital supplier management software
Supplier Management

From onboarding and accreditation checks to relationship building, document management and compliance, our Causeway Supplier Management solution covers it all. Designed to help you identify and work seamlessly with your preferred industry partners and suppliers.

Accurate embodied carbon reporting
Carbon Reporting

Enhance your carbon measurement, drive regulatory compliance and let us help you work towards your sustainability targets. Causeway Tradex Carbon lets you track and measure the actual embodied carbon in your projects based on your actual purchasing activities.

Construction product database Causeway SpecifiedBy
Product Specification

Causeway SpecifiedBy is a leading resource that connects manufacturers, their products and CPDs with customers who need them. Buyers get access to everything they need to specify their projects. Sellers generate leads and connect with new customers.

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