Integrated solutions to help deliver projects on time and on budget

From takeoff, estimating and tendering to project accounting and commercial management, discover how our integrated software solutions can help you to maximise your operational delivery and project profitability.

Integrated solutions to help deliver projects on time and on budget

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Get your estimating and financials under control

Transform your project management, pre construction process and financial oversight. Our construction ERP software for construction will help you save valuable time, ensure accuracy, and consolidate your workflows into a single, integrated environment.

Maximum efficiency across every stage of your projects

From estimating and tendering to project accounting, our solutions ensure swift, accurate project planning and execution, enhancing efficiency from the ground-up.

Gain adaptability and real-time financial oversight

Our solutions grow with your business, offering adaptable features for project management and real-time financial insights to keep your projects on track and in budget.

Seamless collaboration

Facilitating collaboration through a central database and ensuring the highest standards of data security, our software is designed to keep your team connected and your project data protected.

Make your project financials flow
Streamline financial management for construction projects

Optimise projected profitability with Causeway's financial management tools, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Gain real-time insights into project finances, enhancing decision-making and financial control.

How we solve this

Integrate financial data for a unified overview across projects, enhancing financial oversight and strategic planning.

Enable real-time financial tracking to promptly address financial issues, preventing delays and budget overruns.

Facilitate mid-project profitability analysis, offering actionable insights to adjust strategies and ensure project success.

Boost efficiency and productivity across your projects

Our commercial software enhances productivity, making manual tasks more efficient and facilitating rapid project initiations. This streamlining saves time and boosts team productivity, allowing focus on high-value activities.

How we solve this

Automate and simplify processes to reduce time spent on manual tasks and streamline project workflows.

Facilitate rapid project initiation and execution by leveraging integrated tools and platforms, improving overall project timelines.

Enable team productivity through enhanced collaboration and streamlined processes, maximising the output of each team member.

Achieve unmatched accuracy and reduce project risk

With Causeway's integrated solutions, projects benefit from enhanced accuracy in estimations and tendering, reducing financial and operational risks. Use historical data and advanced measuring tools to ensure precision from the start.

How we solve this

Leverage historical data and CAD/BIM tools for accurate planning, minimizing the risk of costly errors.

Ensure competitive and accurate bidding with automated bid evaluation, aligning project costs with real-world pricing.

Reduce financial risks by maintaining accuracy in estimates and tender submissions, supported by real-time data.

Foster collaboration and secure project data

Ensure project success through enhanced collaboration and robust data security. Causeway's tools provide a secure, shared environment for project stakeholders to collaborate efficiently while protecting sensitive information.

How we solve this

Enhance team collaboration with a central database and communication platform, ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

Secure sensitive project data, protecting against data loss and unauthorised access.

Support governance and consistent processes with an audit trail of changes, ensuring transparency and accountability in project management.

Explore our solutions for commercial management

Commercial cost management software for efficient project accounting
Project Accounting

Ensure financial control and project profitability, offering streamlined data management, live tracking, and mid-project profitability analysis.

Construction estimating software Causeway

Essential for contractors and subcontractors requiring efficient bid management, precise takeoffs, and collaborative project estimating.

Connecting contractors and their supply chain-1

Streamline the entire bid process with Causeway Enquiries. From bid submission to comparison, enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Let’s build the future together

Discover how we can transform your business, making every project flow and the industry more sustainable.