Integrated solutions to master infrastructure project delivery

From digital road management to connected asset management and job management, discover how our software solutions help you design, manage, and maintain the built environment.

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Elevating processes for infrastructure operators

From utilities and transport to waste management and public spaces, our end-to-end solutions transform the way infrastructure operators design, manage, and maintain the built environment.

Seamless operations

Drive efficiency with software that unifies your people, processes, assets, and data in one platform. Build simple workflows, manage maintenance plans, and enable collaboration.


Manage multiple asset types in one place, connect with a city’s existing technological ecosystem, and access our software anywhere, whether you’re on the ground or in the office.


Make design, maintenance, and planning decisions with sustainability at their core,  from sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) design and waste to streetlights and traffic management.


Discover intelligent, automated workflows, ready-made, compliant traffic signage, and auto-updating designs. Boost efficiency, reduce human error and improve your team’s productivity.

Job prioritisation

See high-value jobs the moment they are shared with you and assign them to the right workers, in the right place, at the right time. Schedule your routine maintenance in advance and streamline your unplanned maintenance.

Data-backed decisions

With real-time traffic information, asset lifecycle data, and productivity insights at your fingertips, you can quickly make the right choices for you, your team, and your projects.

Built-in compliance

Speed up design and approvals with TSRGD-compliant traffic signs and road markings, BIM-compliant design outputs, sustainable drainage design and standardisation.

Real-time updates

Stay ahead of the curve with live updates. From job assignments and completions to design approvals and traffic updates, keep your team, key stakeholders and the public informed.

Mastering infrastructure project challenges

Streamline infrastructure asset management and maintenance

Ageing infrastructure assets can require more frequent repairs. New infrastructure needs to meet the latest design, sustainability, and other regulatory requirements. Our software solutions make it easier to manage planned and unplanned repairs and build resilience.

How we solve this

Manage multiple assets in one platform and seamlessly integrate into a city’s existing tech stack for connected asset management.

Take insightful data from our intelligent dashboards and easy-to-create reports. Use this for optimal lifecycle planning to better coordinate repairs and replacements.

Meet regulations and make sustainable design choices with ease thanks to built-in compliance criteria and environmental considerations.

Coordinate with competition for space

As the built world grows at a rapid pace, there are more assets, more traffic, and more competition for space than ever before. Our software helps you navigate these challenges with greater efficiency.

How we solve this

Create simple, compliant road markings and traffic signs to keep road users safe and informed.

Update road users in real-time via sat navs, social media and more.

Coordinate with road agencies, the public, and other infrastructure operators to ensure there are no works clashes.

Prioritise sustainability

With built-in compliance and data visualisation, you can design infrastructure that meets sustainability requirements and lessens your impact on the environment.

How we solve this

Develop SUDs systems that integrate seamlessly into new and existing infrastructure.

Gather and analyse traffic data to help minimise your impact on road users and reduce harmful pollution caused by traffic build-up.

Send maintenance teams that are already nearby local jobs to reduce your workforce’s carbon footprint.

How we can help you

Strategic Asset Management

Causeway Horizons helps users consolidate and interpret data, then use it to plan ahead, test, and make optimal financial choices. Visualise data, save money, and justify budgets, all in one platform.

Operational Asset Management

Causeway Alloy connects, tracks, and manages your assets, people, and processes. Centralise data, compare performance and behaviour across service areas, and simplify operations.

Software for streamlined job management1
Job Management

With Causeway Job Management, users can manage highway maintenance jobs from receipt, acceptance and allocation through to planning, scheduling and completion.

Road Management

Causeway enables users to plan, monitor, communicate, and analyse roadworks in one place. Coordinate with local authorities, manage public events, and handle high traffic levels. 

A digital passport for your field workforce
Skills Management

Our digital passport lets workers take their verified work history, qualifications, and up-to-date certifications with them wherever they go. It helps managers select appropriately qualified workers for the specific needs of the job, mitigating risk, driving compliance, and reducing costs.

End-to-end drainage design software
Drainage Design

Causeway Flow enables you to design efficient, sustainable, and compliant drainage systems. Elevate your process and outcomes with hydraulic modelling, easy annotations, auto-updates and more.

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