Over 25 years of industry excellence

From bold vision to industry leader, we've pioneered digital transformation in the construction, maintenance and infrastructure sector for over two decades. This is the Causeway story so far.

Over 25 years of industry excellence

The Causeway journey

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve been at the forefront of digital innovation in the construction, maintenance and infrastructure sector. Though times and demands have changed, our mission has always been to streamline complex processes and enhance productivity for businesses, teams and individuals in the industry.

Our journey is marked by significant milestones, including strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have expanded our expertise and global footprint. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we continue to lead the charge in connecting supply chains and transforming how industry professionals manage projects, finances, and operations. Today, thousands of businesses worldwide rely on Causeway for comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions that empower them to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Our major company milestones


Phil Brown, our founder and CEO, begins the Causeway journey with a visionary goal: to create software technologies that will connect the entire construction lifecycle. This ambition was not just about technological innovation, but about fundamentally changing the construction industry for the better. To make it more efficient, productive, and connected.


We officially launch our Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) software, setting a new standard for managing commercial operations in the construction industry. This platform was designed to help construction companies oversee budgets, costs, and project planning more effectively, and marked a significant advancement in construction management technology. Today, Causeway Project Accounting helps manage over 1350 construction projects per year.


We officially launch our Causeway Tradex e-invoicing solution which has become a cornerstone for digital construction. Causeway Tradex was designed to allow supply chain partners to reduce costs, save time and improve payment processing by sending and receiving electronic documents such as orders, invoices, dispatch notes and payment reconciliations.  Through a single platform connection, buyers and suppliers can reach all their trading partners. Today, joining the Causeway Tradex community means joining thousands of connected construction buyers and suppliers who are exchanging millions of transactions worth billions in contract value. 


We significantly expand our footprint in India by opening a new office in Bangalore. This move leveraged our existing research, development, and innovation centre to strengthen our capability to meet the expanding demands of the built environment sector.

Donseed Logo

We acquire Donseed UK Ltd. This move not only expands our suite of construction software solutions but also demonstrates our commitment to enhancing workforce management and site security through biometric technology.

Ermeo Logo

We acquire Ermeo, a Paris-based company known for its innovative Field Service Management (FSM) solutions. This strategic addition further integrates site and office-based teams, enhancing workflow digitisation and data collaboration across the construction, maintenance and inspection industries.


We secure a significant investment of £120 million from Five Arrows Principal Investments, a part of Rothschild & Co's Merchant Banking business. This investment was aimed at funding strategic acquisitions and propelling our growth strategy to digitally connect the built environment sector further.

SpecifiedBy logo

We acquire SpecifiedBy, the UK's leading online database for building products and materials. Founded in 2013, SpecifiedBy aimed to revolutionise how architects and construction professionals find and compare building materials through a comprehensive digital platform. This acquisition enhanced our portfolio, connecting specifiers, buyers, and suppliers more efficiently and marks a significant step towards digitising the construction supply chain - aligning with Causeway's vision for a more integrated, efficient, and data-driven industry.

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We acquire Enhance Consultancy, a construction telemarketing company, as part of our strategic initiative to connect every stage of the construction process through technology. This acquisition furthers Causeway's platform vision of a fully integrated pre-construction and procurement process, offering increased efficiencies and insights for the industry.

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We acquire Yotta, a leader in connected asset management software. This move enhanced our digital solutions for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets, creating a unified end-to-end solution for asset management. Yotta's expertise in local authority asset management, combined with our contractor job and resource management, streamlines processes and improves data flow between stakeholders, marking a significant advancement in Causeway's digital integration strategy.


We acquire Reference Point, a leading provider of workforce competency and authority-to-work systems. This acquisition, the third since the significant investment by Five Arrows in 2021, reinforced our strategy to digitise construction and maintenance processes. Reference Point is known for SkillGuard, a mobile workforce management system, and other solutions that manage operative identity, training compliance, and health and safety across the supply chain, enhancing workforce management solutions for contractors.

Image-2024-03-21 22_07_24

We acquire one.network, a leading digital road management platform. This acquisition was a strategic move to enhance our digital solutions for highway authorities, utility companies, and contractors, facilitating better planning, coordination and communication of traffic interventions. It underlined our ambition to connect the entire construction lifecycle, from building to maintenance and beyond.

Causeway logo

We introduce a new brand identity and website that reflect our growth and vision for the future of construction, infrastructure and maintenance technology. Our refreshed brand mirrors our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the seamless integration of construction, infrastructure and maintenance management processes. It is a reflection of our values and the aspirations that drive us forward.

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We launch CausewayOne, a comprehensive platform designed to further streamline and enhance construction management processes. This move is the result of a 20+ year journey to connect the construction lifecycle and improve the cost and environmental impact of construction on our world. CausewayOne aims to provide an integrated suite of tools that address the complex needs of our industry, reinforcing Causeway's position as a leader in technology.

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Though times and demands have changed, our mission has always been to streamline complex processes and enhance productivity for businesses, teams and individuals in the industry.

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