App Privacy

Causeway Donseed


We are Causeway Technologies Limited, by using this handheld device you agree to the following:

1. The collection and storage of information about you including:

  • your name
  • name of your employer (if relevant)
  • GPS location and time
  • signature
  • fingerprint details (not image)
  • purpose and duration of your visit

2. You agree to your information being used:

  • for verifying your identity
  • for security and health and safety purposes
  • to track attendance of employees, visitors, suppliers, contractors and delivery and collection drivers for the purposes of assisting with contractual disputes, disciplinary, payment and tax issues
  • to track real time attendance of all personnel on site
  • we may also share your information (including your personal data) with selected third parties who may contact you.
  • we may also use your information (including your personal data) for the purposes of generating anonymous statistical data for general commercial use by us.

3. In addition you agree to your information being made available to:

  • the site manager/owner
  • your employer
  • regulatory bodies investigating health and safety matters
  • the police and security services to assist them with their enquiries
  • any other parties to whom we are required to give the information by law
  • we and our agents for the purpose of administering this system

4. If you have any queries in relation to your information please contact