Financial Accounting |
Construction ERP

Causeway Financials is a complete accounting system. It is simple to use and yet is flexible enough to meet a wide range of accounting requirements.

The system operates according to user-defined parameters, giving users complete control over their procedures. Users control all the accounting structures, entry types, and reporting functions and can tailor them to fit their business requirements.


Feature Wheel

  • Unified ledger
    • Single integrated ledger.
    • Combines analysis and ledger functionality.
    • Flexible transaction and account analysis.
    • Open periods for posting and reporting.
    • Support for multiple budgets .
    • Dual base currency.
    • Sophisticated and flexible ledger enquiry function .
    • Automated payment terms functionality.
  • Budgets & forecasts
    • Controls expenditure.
    • Warns if transactions will exceed budget.
    • Holds budget values against account.
    • Flexible use of analysis codes and budget values.
    • Comparative values for actual/budget/forecast.
  • Corporate allocations
    • Support for apportioned and fixed percentage allocations.
    • Support for fixed amounts and iterative charging.
    • Full support for inter-company processing.
    • Flexibility to define allocation structures.
    • Posting options with tight controls.
    • Comprehensive audit trail to trace allocations in full.
  • Payments & receipts
    • Controls payments and receipts.
    • Part of central ledger.
    • Reduces time spent on reconciliation.
    • Powerful payment control and analysis.
  • Asset register
    • Full audit reports.
    • Online ledger update.
    • Powerful reporting tools.
    • Range of international depreciation methods.
    • Separate depreciation for each currency.
    • Status, listing and journal reports.
  • Credit control
    • Debtor management module.
    • Unparalleled credit management.
    • Debt collection functionality.
    • Analysis of debtor days and cash flow.
    • Monitoring of debtors.
    • Collection tracking.
  • Cashbook
    • Integral part of unified ledger.
    • Facilitates bank statement reconciliation.
    • Optional import of bank statements.