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Causeway Ermeo is making it even easier to kick start deployment by compiling a list of prebuilt mobile forms.

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Detailed below are a number of pre-built forms available within Causeway Ermeo. The forms can be used as a starting point and made to suit specific use case requirements.

Asset Management

Defect Report

Raise one or many defects related to an asset. This is designed to create database records, but could be used to just raise the defect report. Watch use case video below.

Equipment Inspection

Record the inspection of a piece of equipment, with access to reference manuals, with the ability to raise a defect if necessary. Watch use case video below.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Inspect and then record the installation of fire extinguishers within a site. Create database records.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Record the inspection of fire extinguishers within a site. References and then updated database records.

Causeway Mobile Workforce Management Ermeo
Site Inspection

Record the inspection of a site with equipment. Provides the ability to transfer the inspection to a supervisor and record sign off by a client.


Health & Safety

Accident or Incident Report

Follow up an incident on site capturing the injured party, details, background and follow up actions.

COSHH Assessment

A Control of Substances Hazardous to Health assessment to support the identification of hazards, emergency procedures and methods of prevention.

Hand Arm Vibration Initial Assessment

Support the assessment of people with symptoms, recording details and background.

Near Miss Report

Record unplanned events that did not result in an injury to support proactive interventions and prevent accidents.

Site Safety Inspection

Form for a safety manager to complete whilst undertaking a site inspection with actions and photos.


Highways Maintenance

Highways Risk Assessment

Support the safe working before the start of a job in relation to traffic management, lighting, weather, pollution, PPE and other factors.

Job Record

Record the site activity with location, weather, traffic management, etc.

Traffic Survey

Capture the activity at a location, including a safety checklist and capture of photos.


Human Resources

Company Vehicle Driver Agreement

Declaration with signature before being allowed to drive a company vehicle.

New Starter Declaration

HR form to capture key details and declaration for a new employee.


Job Management

Works Order Completion

Record the completion of a job with details, photos and signatures.


Mechanical & Electrical

Boiler Swap

Engineers form to record job details and boiler components / valves used.

Electrical Installation Certificate

Captures authorisation and details of the installation in line with BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations.

Electrical Isolation Certificate

Capture details of equipment, isolation, proof and return to service with details and authorisation.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Report

Form to produce the report / certificate of test details and any repairs if needed.



Excavator Operator's Declaration

Declaration with checks to be carried out at the start of a shift.

Excavator Operator's Declaration (QR)

Declaration with checks to be carried out at the start of a shift where the machine has a QR code that is scanned for reference.

Plant Pre-Shift Inspection

General plant inspection with scan of QR code to retrieve machine details from the database.

Scaffold Inspection

Inspection record to check the safety of scaffolding installation.




Record the receipt of goods with photo capture of delivery ticket and optional supplier, order and other details.


Site based requisition request with transfer to an approval based on amount.

Supplier Performance Review

Rate the performance of subcontractors or suppliers based on standard criteria.


Site Forms

Acceptance Report

Handover form to confirm acceptance of work and identify and agree reservations.

Defect Detection Report

Site inspection with the ability to record defects with details.

Site Diary

Site log of weather, activities, internal team, subcontractors, visitors, potential delays with progress photos.


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