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nmcn PLC is progressing towards electronic trading, as this is a more efficient, viable and environmentally friendly form of process.

nmcn will, therefore, be requiring its suppliers to submit electronic invoices and this website has been provided to assist you with the migration process.

If you are already employing Tradex to send invoices to other customers, nmcn will be submitting our invitation to you from Tradex. Please use this to add a trading relationship with nmcn so that you can start submitting your invoices to us electronically.

If you are not already using Tradex, there is the option to either use a free online solution, called Tradex Active, or to send invoices directly from your back office system.

We are convinced that this action is a progressive way forward and will provide an improved and sustainable system.

Thank you for your support in this undertaking. We look forward to working with you to create a sustainable and streamlined e-invoicing process.

If you have a Tradex Portal support request, please contact Tradex Support.