Asset Management for Drainage

Get the big picture on Drainage

Causeway Alloy is a connected asset management and maintenance system. Better understand the relationship between your drainage, highways and other assets with Causeway Alloy. Use historical asset data to manage both strategic planning activities and daily operational tasks.

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Core Benefits

The hierarchy of roads within your network will determine where you should prioritise the allocation of drainage resources. Causeway Alloy helps you identify which roads in your network have the most strategic value

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Prolong the life of your drainage resources

When you have the big picture, you’re equipped with the data you need to make better strategic decisions that prolong the lifespan of your drainage assets and increase your return on investment.

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Reduce flood risk

Import datasets like surface water flood maps into Causeway Alloy to identify areas with the greatest risk of flooding, hence where investment might be required.

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Informed maintenance planning

Data about flooding can also be used to inform scheduled maintenance activities like blockage and siltation removal, vegetation trimming and the emptying of gross pollutant traps.

Real-Time Notifications

Deploy cutting-edge sensor technology

Causeway Alloy is fully equipped to incorporate cutting-edge sensor technologies that will detect blockages, triggering flood warning systems and maintenance alerts. It’s also possible that cameras could be introduced and connected to Causeway Alloy, to enable monitoring of hard-to-reach sites.





Boost Field Team Efficiency

Go mobile for field management

Causeway Alloy mobile efficiently manages your field operations and engineers, ensuring you always deliver the best service to your customers.

Enhance Reactive Maintenance

Rapidly respond to service requests

Causeway Alloy integrates with external applications such as customer portals and internal applications so you can manage all your service requests and automate job allocations all in one place.



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