Asset Management for Street Lighting

Illuminate your Street Lighting Network

Gain control of all your lighting and illuminated assets in one, smart solution. Streamline your organisation and planning, visualise accurate, real-time information and make intelligent, informed decisions that optimise the lifecycle value of your illuminated assets.

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Core Benefits

Manage every aspect of your illuminated and electrical highway network, from street and subway lighting through signs, bollards, signals, cameras and parking meters to associated cables and more. Create, personalise and explore unique details for any asset – even to a component level including columns, controls, lanterns, feeders, circuits and cabling.

Shine a Spotlight on Flexibility

Build the system you need by using the interactive designer wizard to manage any number of fields and data types such as ownership, installation date, supplier, barcode/QR code, GN22 criteria, photos and attachments.

Optimised Lighting Management

Save time and optimise the management of your planned maintenance and ad-hoc activities including inspections, surveys, tests, jobs, defects, faults, scheduling programmes and budgets. Generate automatic updates when work is completed and track everything through custom dashboards and automated reports.

Illuminated Efficiency

Drive efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimise the effect of assets on climate change with informed decision making and automated workflows that support your reactive, routine and cyclic maintenance and rationalise your replacement programmes.

Optimised Information Flow

No more data silos

Break down operational silos and improve efficiency across council and contract boundaries by tracking, connecting and visualising every asset in one graphical solution.





Automated Asset Monitoring

Embrace the IOT

Receive live updates from IoT sensors and control of remote devices such as street light controls, traffic loop counters, condition monitoring devices, noise and pollution sensors and more.
Powerful Data Visulisation

Comprehensive Reporting

Create dynamic custom dashboards and statutory reports that help ensure you comply with statutory obligations and Code of Practices and can track and manage SLA’s and KPI’s, BVPI215a and BVPI215b, contractor and staff performances and budgets.




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