Asset Management for Waste Management

Connect your waste operations to the environment

View the real-time progress of your teams while they collect waste, track the duration of your operations and optimise by automating scheduled work and ad-hoc requests. Bring costs down and improve the environment.

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Core Benefits

Re-imagine your waste management services. Causeway Alloy enables you to visualise the collection progress, outstanding jobs and the exact location of the bins. The right team at the right place at the right time.

Easy-to-use mobile application for in-cab support

Help your teams out in the field with up to date information about the jobs at hand. Navigate to the exact location of the bin and view progress throughout the day.

Rapidly respond to service requests

Causeway Alloy integrates with your web-portal and automates allocation of all types of service requests. The right team within the SLA and accurate information

Track your assets

Know where your assets are, how many bins are being serviced per day and what the access restrictions are at each and every location.

Plan More Efficiently

A complete overview of your services and related costs

Understand your operational costs down to activity level and be able to manage your budgets better





Drive Net Zero

Reduce your impact on the environment

By visualizing jobs and assets, Causeway Alloy enables you to re-imagine your operations. By combining activities based on location you can avoid dispatching different teams and reduce your carbon footprint.



No Assets Go To Waste 

Understand your asset’s lifecycle

Causeway Alloy holds all the information you need to understand and better manage the commissioning and decommissioning of your waste assets. A clear view on the total lifespan of a bin, based on material type, usage and schedule replacement automatically.

Sensor and Control Components

Smart bins and fill levels

Causeway Alloy enables you to introduce a smart way of working – combining sensor data and operations, informing your teams when a bin is full and automatically sends this to the in-cab app of the right team.



Explore the other assets you can manage with Causeway

Asset Management for Contractors


Connected asset and workforce management for Contractors. Deliver continuous improvement and quality services that add value and benefit to your clients. Connect assets, services and people; make smarter, better decisions and maximise efficiency.

Asset Management for Street Cleansing

Street Cleansing

Whether you’re a local authority, a contracted environmental services provider or a private company managing your local environment, Causeway Alloy will help you better manage your street cleansing resources to deliver greener, cleaner open spaces for all.

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