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Reduce risk and save time with our complete end-to-end drainage design solution, enabling engineers to design optimal and UK compliant drainage schemes efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Transform Your Drainage Design Productivity

A powerful end-to-end drainage design solution that enables streamlined and adaptable designs.

Causeway Flow is a hydraulic modelling solution for the design and analysis of optimal, compliant and cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks, developed for organisations looking for a robust, intuitive and complete solution.

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Thousands of forward-thinking organisations are already transforming their commercial performance with Causeway solutions.

Expand Your Design Capabilities

Accurate Storm & Foul Drainage
Accurate Storm & Foul Drainage

Get results closer to the real-world by using the state-of-the-art hydraulic SWMM5 engine.

Sustainable drainage system design (SuDS) Icon
SuDS Design

Intuitively model more accurate SUDS components such as flow-through pond and permeable paving.

Standard Integration

Compatible with Autodesk, AutoCAD® and Civil 3D® or can be used standalone.

Fully BIM Compliant

Deliver the BIM outputs clients require and participate in all projects.

Compliant Design

Outputs are compliant with UK specific drainage design requirements. We work closely with approving authorities to ensure approvals are quick and efficient.

Live Design

Real-time design in 3D, longsection and plan allows for intuitive navigation and auditing of results.

Learn About Our Drainage Design Tools:


Cutting Edge Overland Flooding Analysis

Efficiently analyse a site to show how water will run over the ground surface and determine the position of the blue/green corridors.

  • Instantly define problem areas with definable depth bands ranges and velocity or hazard rating arrows to the flooded area

  • Visualise results by displaying as solids or contours or as a 3D animation

  • Get a detailed analysis of flood levels within defined areas of the site.

  • Generate graphs to show the flooded depths and either the hazard rating or velocity.

  • Apply land use settings to the road surface, permeable areas or user defined zones.

  • Define water transition and recharge rate values, ensuring you model surface water flow accurately.


Quick, Simple Feasibility Design

Quickly produce feasibility designs with Causeway Sketch to assess the viability of a project.

  • Intuitive outline design at the pre-planning stage of a development
  • Outline designs can be converted to detailed designs within Flow seamlessly, without the need to double handle design data.

Advanced intuitive tools for efficient and optimal design

Empower engineers, consultants, developers and approving authorities to deliver an optimal and compliant design.

  • Intuitively model more accurate SUDS components such as flow-through pond and permeable paving with perforated pipe. 
  • Get results closer to the real-world by using the state-of-the-art hydraulic SWMM5 engine.
  • Better visualise designs with live 3D visualisation synchronised with the longsection, graphs and the hydrograph.

BIM Outputs At The Touch Of A Button

Deliver the BIM outputs clients require and participate in all projects.

  • Attach attribute meta data
  • Create real / buildable drainage networks
  • User definable trenches and bedding
  • Civil 3D parts list integration

Real time, fully integrated design

Our drainage design tools integrate to complement the way you work. For complete live design use within the Causeway Live Design platform or utilise standalone using Causeway PDS or with AutoCAD and Civil 3D integration.

  • Make huge productivity improvements by streamlining the drainage design process.
  • If using on Causeway Live Design, drainage networks are designed hydraulically as you lay them out without any need to switch between design packages.
  • Add flow controls and storage devices as you design.
  • Save hours with real time amendments to designs in one environment ensuring iterations are reflected throughout the design.
  • Reduce the risk of out-of-date designs and clashes. Lock drainage networks to the road design for better control.
  • Get better visualisation of the whole site by switching on the 3D view at the same time as the plan, showing you live impact of changes in both views simultaneously.

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Streamline Design, Reduce Costs and Keep Engineering Teams Connected

Streamline design to save time

Intelligent design automation and integrated tools help engineers to spend more time on value engineering.

Stay connected with cloud licensing

Engineers can stay connected to their design solutions at all times with cloud licensing. Access software remotely and take licences offline.

Reduce upfront costs with subscription bundles

Only pay for what you use. Design tools are available in subscription bundles which means consultancies can scale without upfront costs.


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