Asset Management Solutions for the Public Sector

Manage your assets and services efficiently with software solutions built for the public sector – from optimised operational asset management to smarter strategic planning.

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Software for efficient asset management

From local and regional authorities, to national and state agencies, Causeway has unparalleled experience working with leading public sector organisations across a range of service areas.

A comprehensive range of solutions designed to deliver end-to-end asset management


Causeway Horizons 

Use the latest strategic asset management software to transform how you visualise data, save money and justify budgets.

Engage stakeholders like never before

Causeway Horizons has been specifically designed to improve stakeholder engagement and funding, from running investment scenarios to creating lifecycle plans. 

Develop lifecycle plans 

Create optimal asset lifecycle plans to ensure that the right treatments are in the right place at the right time. 

Bring stakeholders onboard  

Get your stakeholders on board with your vision by creating clear, easy-to-understand reports that simplify complex data. 

Mobilise lifecycle plans 

Help protect against budget cuts, strengthen your borrowing case, unlock incentive funding, and encourage infrastructure investment. 

Apply local or political factors 

Easily incorporate local or political factors into your analysis to ensure the best fit and maximise return on investment through better planning. 


Causeway Alloy

Discover leading operational asset management software designed to provide resilient public realm services fit for today and tomorrow. 

See the bigger picture 

Transform your asset management with a suite of smart, intuitive tools that are scalable across multiple asset types and ready to integrate with all systems via powerful APIs. 

See everything in one place 

You can improve your citizens’ experience while also saving money by streamlining your service delivery and creating a single view of all your information. 

Work from anywhere  

Access the information you require at any time, from any location, and on any device – then design, add, and manage any asset type with ease. 

Glide into the future  

Causeway Alloy can evolve and adapt with you over time with its super flexibility and cutting-edge technology. 

Manage any asset type 

From streetlights and waste bins to trees and playground equipment, you can easily manage assets of all shapes and sizes without any coding knowledge. 


Causeway Maintenance Management 

Gain control of your work with best-in-class system integration to efficiently manage jobs and works orders electronically. 

Improve management simplicity

Work with a single provider to reduce data silos and improve asset management simplicity. 

A deep level of understanding 

Synchronise live working order and asset history to create an unparalleled depth of job understanding with zero errors. 

Unite the process 

Unites and manage the interface between asset management and works execution with complete visibility of asset lifecycles. 

Stay on top of your jobs 

Enable real-time tracking of project status, asset information and works order information – even on-site. 

Streamline the entire process   

Reduce the challenges of archaic, labour-intensive processes whilst removing the risk of failure when integrating different systems. 

Customer Success Stories

Here’s a first-hand look at how the transformative power of Causeway Horizons has already helped businesses revolutionise their asset management operations.

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"We were especially impressed by the flexibility Causeway Alloy software offered us. As it is cloud-based and runs as-a-service, we don’t have to worry about infrastructure and IT services costs, or the time and resources needed to run and manage the system on-site. At the same time, however, we can link all our data into it in order to achieve greater insight across our asset types."

Simon Legg, Street Scene Operations Manager, BCP Council
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