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Barratt Developments - Electronic Invoicing

Barratt Developments is implementing electronic trading as this is a more efficient, viable and environmentally friendly process. As a supplier to us, we are informing you that in due course we will require you to submit e-invoices to us for processing. This will also reduce your own cost of invoicing.

To assist us with this initiative, we have selected the e-trading service operated by Causeway, known as Tradex. Tradex is a trading platform which has a proven track record in exchanging e-invoices across supplier communities.

If you use Tradex already to send invoices to other customers, we will submit our invitation to you from Tradex. Please use this to add a trading relationship with us so that you can submit invoices to us electronically.

If you are not using Tradex already, there is the option to use a free on-line solution called Tradex Active or to send invoices directly to us from your back office system. Once established, your Tradex connection could also be used to send e-invoices to other customers you may have trading on the Tradex platform. Causeway will be able to provide further details about this opportunity.

We launched a pilot in July 2016. We will on-board other suppliers in phases starting in late 2016. We will contact suppliers in line with phasing over the coming months with more information such as what is required from them and the timescales involved.

Thank you for your support in this undertaking. This is an important part of our relationship with you as it will provide a more cost effective, visible and sustainable invoice to payment process.

If you want to discuss this with a member of the Barratt Developments project team, please use the following email address: [email protected]

If you have a Tradex Portal support request, please contact Tradex Support.