Integrated design solutions to optimise the entire process

From ground modelling, roads, and drainage design, to traffic signing, road marking and vehicle path analysis, discover how our seamless, end-to-end ecosystem of software solutions can streamline your design process.

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Software solutions to streamline your design

We want to revolutionise your end-to-end design processes. Our set of design software solutions will save you hours in rework, deliver compliant designs, streamline approval processes and bring all your design disciplines into one environment.

Integrate seamlessly

Use our design software as standalone solutions, or integrate seamlessly with tools like Civil 3D® and AutoCAD®.

Work anywhere

Our flexible cloud license means engineers can access the software wherever they are, from home or out on site. 

Scale effectively

Our floating licence isn’t user-locked, so software can be used across teams, devices and locations, helping you scale.

Reduce risk

Ensure accuracy and optimal solutions at every design stage. Save money, time and resources with automation.

Streamline approvals

Speed up and simplify the approval process using our design solutions recognised by stakeholders and approving authorities.

In-house support

Our comprehensive training resources and experts are on hand to help you get the most out of your software so you can be more productive.

Enable collaboration

Ease design coordination and collaboration with colleagues, stakeholders and approving authorities.

Making design flow
Combat skills shortages

With the right software, design engineers can build resilience against industry-wide recruitment challenges. Make your workforce more efficient, meet evolving project demands and combat skills gaps.

How we solve this

Boost the productivity of every team member to make your workforce, projects, and operations more efficient.

Simplify processes by automating design elements, making changes with a single click, and managing the entire design process from a single environment.

Save time on reworks due to design changes. Use drag-and-drop functionality, discover ‘ready-to-use’ traffic signs, and automate true vertical design.

Benefit from digital transformation

Digital tools are vital to helping you scale efficiently. Our software solutions help ensure precision and compliance, while speeding up approvals and streamlining your process.

How we solve this

Make real-time amendments to designs, ensuring iterations are reflected throughout every step of the design.

Bring designs to life with impressive visualisation features that enable you to combine your design elements, create unlimited variations, and value engineer.

Add our suite of design engineering software to your existing tech stack thanks to seamless integration with AutoCAD® and Civil 3D®.

Our flexible cloud licensing model enables users to access our software from anywhere, supporting the move towards a digital future.

Streamline the approval process

Our software solutions smooth out the design approvals process. Whether you’re a sole trader, SME or a large organisation, our tools help you deliver successful outcomes on time.

How we solve this

Create and submit designs and build reports in a format that approving authorities instantly understand. Many approving bodies already use Causeway Flow for approvals.

Ensure every design is optimal and compliant from the start to eliminate wasted time, space, and resources.

Ensure only the final version of your designs makes it over the line with lockable elements, better visibility, and a single design platform.

How we can help you

Road markings and traffic sign software for major projects
Major Projects

Centralise your road marking and traffic sign design processes with Causeway Line and Causeway Sign. This comprehensive suite simplifies compliant sign creation and road marking design, maintenance, annotation, and quantification.

Infrastructure design for site development
Site Development

Explore Causeway Live Design for centralised, multi-discipline infrastructure design across residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Improve accuracy, reduce risks, and update designs in real-time, enhancing productivity and compliance at every stage.

End-to-end drainage design software
Drainage Design

Level up your project with Causeway Flow, the end-to-end solution for sustainable, compliant, and efficient drainage design. Enhance design speed, reduce costs, and accelerate approvals seamlessly, optimising your overall workflow and sustainability.

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