Take a giant leap forward in asset management with Causeway Alloy

Exceed the speed of transformation and seamlessly connect your people, systems and assets in a single platform.

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Manage the day-to-day and see the bigger picture

Transform the way you manage your assets with smart, intuitive tools that scale across asset types and integrates with all systems through powerful APIs.

Work from anywhere
Work from anywhere

Access the information you need at any time, from anywhere, on any device to easily design, add and manage any asset type.

Manage assets of all shapes and sizes
Manage assets of all shapes and sizes

From streetlights and waste bins to trees and playground equipment, easily manage assets of all shapes and sizes without needing specific coding skills.

See everything in one place

Streamline your service delivery and build a single view of your information to improve your citizens’ experience, while saving money.

Glide into the future
Glide into the future

Causeway Alloy is flexible and built with the latest technology, it can even evolve and adapt with you over time.

Discover the powerful features of Causeway Alloy

See how Causeway Alloy can be used by your teams seamlessly across your business.

Explore the Causeway Alloy platform

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Causeway Alloy Activities

Enjoy out-of-the-box support for jobs, inspections and defects — and stay on top of your asset’s life cycle.

causeway alloy icon - core
Causeway Alloy Core

Manage any data with powerful search, stunning map visualisations and permission management features.

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Causeway Alloy Integrations + Mesh

Causeway Alloy is well connected — we support first-class integrations via Meshes or you can develop your own with our developer API.

Connect to Causeway Horizons

Easily integrate operational data from Causeway Alloy to Causeway Horizons, then use that data to make better strategic decisions around day-to-day operations.

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Customer Success Stories

Here’s a first-hand look at how the transformative power of Causeway Alloy has already helped businesses revolutionise their asset management operations.

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"We were especially impressed by the flexibility Causeway Alloy software offered us. As it is cloud-based and runs as-a-service, we don’t have to worry about infrastructure and IT services costs, or the time and resources needed to run and manage the system on-site. At the same time, however, we can link all our data into it in order to achieve greater insight across our asset types."

Simon Legg, Street Scene Operations Manager, BCP Council
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Reinforce your tools with Causeway’s dedicated services

At Causeway, we deliver more than a seamlessly integrated platform you can personalise to suit your workloads. Enhance your experience and results with a host of services.

Asset Management - Implementation

Our team of experts and asset management consultants will get you kickstarted on our software.

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asset management - training

We support training delivery across a number of core areas, empowering you to make better decisions.

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Asset Management consulting services

Our consultants are on-hand to provide industry-leading strategy development and analysis expertise.

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See how Causeway is helping transform asset management

Our platform is already in use across many sectors, helping businesses to integrate operational data between Causeway Alloy and Causeway Horizons to fuel better strategic decisions on day-to-day operations.



Connected asset and workforce management that enables you to deliver continuous improvement and quality services that add value and benefit to your clients.

Infrastructure Owners

Infrastructure Owners

Focus on your business growth while Causeway Alloy better manages your assets.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Leverage Causeway Alloy and Causeway Horizons to manage your assets and services more efficiently.

Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Connect your waste operations to the environment with connected asset management.

Kickstart your journey to smarter asset management

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