Solution Sub Sections - Highways Maintenance


Optimise Your Maintenance and Job Scheduling

Ensuring the right gang with the right skills and equipment are in the right place at the right time is critical for any Highways Maintenance Contractor.

Causeway’s Highways Maintenance cloud solutions join up all the key functions - from asset management, works management, job scheduling and mobile working through to cost management, variations and invoicing - to offer a single connected solution for transforming productivity and reducing contract cost and risk.

Built on decades of Highways Maintenance experience, our solutions also enable you to minimise fines and contract disputes via automated noticing and permitting that ensures organisations are always compliant, connecting directly into council or Highways Agency systems.

Integration with Client Systems

Open integration with any client system eliminates rekeying of job information.

Planning & Scheduling

Map-based scheduling with data layers provides the tools to optimise the workforce.

Noticing & Permitting

Compliance with legislative requirements for work planning.

Mobile Working

Intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app.

Mobile Forms

Ensure compliance with corporate processes through standardisation of form data.

Job Costing

Automatically capture and manage all associated job costing information.

Explore Products For Highways Maintenance

Job Management


Manage jobs and works orders electronically with best-in-class integration, from creation to completion.



Automate the process of noticing and permitting to save time, reduce cost and guarantee compliance.

Labour Management


Causeway’s biometric labour management solution does much more than track time and attendance, it centralises a whole host of data to help drive business growth.

Mobile Working


Mobilise your workforce with a powerful job management platform for digitising paper forms and job packs. Capture data at source to update key information in real-time.