Powerful Software Solutions for Highways Maintenance Contractors

Discover how you can deliver jobs more efficiently and increase the profitability of your work with Causeway's cloud software solutions for highways maintenance contractors.

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An integrated platform to deliver highways digital transformation

The profitability of your contracts can be greatly improved with enhanced planning, cost management and mobile working.

Ensuring that the right gang with the right skills and equipment are in the right place at the right time is critical for any highways maintenance contractor.

Causeway’s highways maintenance solutions join up all the key functions - from works management, vehicle telematics, job scheduling and mobile working through to cost management, variations and invoicing - to offer a single integrated cloud solution which enables highways maintenance contractors to transform productivity and reduce contract cost and risk.

Unlock value with our highways maintenance solution

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions

Optimises the process of scheduling work, ensuring the correct jobs are given to the correct teams at the optimal time.

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions

A fully integrated noticing and permitting capability supporting Street Manager.

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions
Mobile Workforce

A mobile application managing forms and jobs for the workforce.

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions
Job Costing

Proactive monitoring of all Labour, Plant, Material, Subcontract and Other resources.

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions
Vehicle Telematics

Integrated live location data for advanced tracking of vehicles, personnel and assets.

Causeway Highways Maintenance Solutions
Data Analytics

Powerful graphical analysis of your highways contract data.


Productivity and the bottom line

Its not how can you afford to digitise, but how can you afford not to?

Causeway supports numerous highway maintenance contractors with innovative software designed to increase the transparency of operational performance and to drive greater efficiency from their mobile workforce. 

Digitalising manual processes is crucial for obtaining greater insight into operational performance and for making better, data-driven decisions. With Causeway’s highways maintenance solutions, data captured in the field is used to increase the accuracy and timeliness of information, therefore enabling better informed decision making. 

Value for clients will then follow if data can be used to make operations more efficient and productive.

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Cloud solutions trusted by leading highways maintenance contractors

Causeway has unrivalled experience working in the UK highways sector, supporting contract delivery and maximising IT investment for highways maintenance contractors.


Increasing profitability of maintenance contracts in association with Skanska

Skanska have partnered with Causeway to implement a solution on their highways maintenance contracts that provides complete visibility and control of jobs, their workforce and associated costs in a simple to use and intuitive platform. Watch this OnDemand webinar now to uncover how digitalising your maintenance contracts will enable you to schedule work more effectively, deliver jobs more efficiently and optimise your workforce.

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