A digital passport for your field workforce

Causeway SkillGuard is a digital passport that keeps track of your workforce’s skills, competencies, experience, training and more. Validate authority to work and ensure your teams meet the requirements of the project and the site that they’re working on. 

A digital passport for your field workforce

Why should you choose Causeway SkillGuard?

Ensure site safety and drive efficiency with Causeway SkillGuard. Our secure mobile workforce competency management software provides evidence that all of your workers have the skills they need and authority to work, with certifications for their competencies. It is the technology behind the Network Rail Sentinel system (the largest health and safety passport system in the world), as well as the Highways Passport scheme.

Causeway SkillGuard skills management
Manage team members

Ensure your whole site team is fully qualified and onboarded. Assign jobs based on the best skills match, and manage risk, safety and compliance.

Enhance project visibility

Manage and optimise resources and respond quickly to changes in scope with real-time worker data. Create an audit trail, minimise risk exposure and increase efficiency.

Streamline site operations

Improve on-site processes and automate administrative tasks to increase efficiency. Managing large teams has never been simpler thanks to Causeway SkillGuard.

Protecting workers worldwide

See the scale of Causeway SkillGuard’s impact on workers around the world: 

100 %
of UK rail operatives certified
33,000 +
organisations using the solution
900,000 +
workers registered in total
9,000,000 +
logged events each year 
Why Causeway SkillGuard

We’re proud to work in partnership with

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australasian railway association11
Thames Water
Galliford Try
National Highways-1

Smarter solutions for the site and the office

Communicate efficiently

Built in communication functions let you send alerts and messages to teams and individuals, facilitating agile working. 

Accelerate onboarding

Risk assessments, project onboarding and safety training certifications are logged on the worker record for easy reference.

Track worker qualifications

Causeway SkillGuard provides a centralised record of relevant worker qualifications, work history, and project-specific training.

Integrate your workflow

Causeway SkillGuard can integrate with existing systems, such as HR and training tools. Compatibility with Causeway Donseed for biometric time and attendance provides a single digital operative ID.

Mobile-first smartcards

Use virtual and physical Causeway SkillGuard smartcards with mobile apps for accessible and easy-to-use site access control, spot checking, competence award and attendance logging.

“The Causeway SkillGuard system, branded as OneCard, really delivers. We have all the information we need in one place that we can trust and can now make decisions with confidence.”
John Anderson
National Head of Logistics, Tarmac
“The competency management system is world-class and our technology partner, Causeway SkillGuard, is the proven force behind the systems that keep rail, road and other key industry workers safe.”
Leah Waymark
Managing Director, Metro Trains Australia (MTA)
“The Causeway team are a pleasure to deal with – always responding with good humour and a genuine desire to meet our needs.”
Veronica Richards
Safety Passport Co-Ordinator, Thames Water

Drive safety and tackle risks across your sites

Prioritise safety

Causeway SkillGuard puts health and safety first by ensuring that every worker attending site is qualified and competent before they arrive and by helping manage your workforce's training.


Guarantee competency

Whether teams are employed directly, or by contractors, Causeway SkillGuard lets you ensure only qualified, certified individuals who meet your standards are permitted on site.

Gain actionable insights

Powerful in-built reports and compatibility with Power BI lets you analyse workforce data. Discover insights into project staffing, competency gaps, and workforce planning to power future decisions.

Reduce training effort

Causeway SkillGuard provides an overview of worker training. Upskill your teams, manage certification renewals, and make sure your projects and sites are staffed by highly competent workers.

Keep your workers informed

From health and safety onboarding, incident alerts, and policy roll-out with targeted messaging, you can reach your workers whenever you need to communicate important information, wherever they are.

Ready to discuss your digital skills management?

Get in touch to learn how Causeway SkillGuard can help you manage your workforce schedules, certifications, and skill levels in one place.

What you’ll get with Causeway SkillGuard

An easy-to-use skills and competence tracking tool

Authority to work validation

Site safety compliance and risk mitigation

What you’ll get with Causeway SkillGuard

An easy-to-use skills and competence tracking tool

Authority to work validation

Site safety compliance and risk mitigation

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