Cost certainty from design to operation

From feasibility through to whole life costing, EC Harris’ use of Causeway’s cost management software solutions enables the company to advise its clients with confidence, accessing key cost information covering capital outlay and total business cost.
Rather than being reactive to Design, EC Harris use Causeway Cost Management software to respond in real time. Whether it’s extracting detailed schedules of quantities from BIMs, or producing whole life cost plans, EC Harris’ use of Causeway software enables them to provide proactive cost advice for clients and the Design team a lot earlier.

Causeway’s software provides EC Harris with instant access to this information from anywhere in the world 24x7, including information stored within the building information model, providing the 5th dimension of BIM - building the project digitally before building it physically on site.

Using Causeway Cost Management software allows EC Harris to have surety of delivery and confidence that the cost numbers given to clients are correct. Removing human errors is a major benefit for everybody.

Supporting the Design Process

From the design of utilities through to estimating and managing the costs of all sizes of project, Causeway’s Design software solutions provide the speed, accuracy and ease of use that today’s modern construction companies require. In fully embracing the opportunities of BIM we support enhanced collaboration, information management and interoperability between all parties.