Causeway SkillGuard Mobile App Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy sets out how Reference Point Ltd uses and protects any information that is collected through the use of the SkillGuard/Validate mobile app. Note that the name of the product may be referred to as either SkillGuard, Validate or it may have been renamed for a particular client. The app functionality, and hence the privacy policy below, is the same regardless of the specific app name used.

What is collected and stored on the device?

  • Information that can be read from a SkillGuard/Validate Smartcard including the cardholder’s name, photograph and competences as held on their SkillGuard/Validate record.
  • The dates and times when the card was read or swiped in/out.

What information is transmitted to Reference Point?

  • The dates and times when the card was read or swiped in/out.
  • No additional information about the card or cardholder is transmitted to Reference Point Ltd, other than that required for facilitating the synchronisation of the data on the card with the data held on the SkillGuard/Validate database.
  • Information about the make and model of smartphone along with the version of the mobile operating system installed is recorded, in order to allow Reference Point to monitor and improve its services.

Can information be transferred from the Smartphone/Tablet?

No. The cardholder data is encrypted on the device and cannot be read by anything other than SkillGuard/Validate app.

How is data protected within the app?

To ensure the data can only be accessed by the SkillGuard/Validate app, all cardholder and swipe data is securely encrypted prior to being stored on the device.

How long is data stored within the app?

Data is retained for up to 4 weeks after it has been uploaded to the central database or until deleted by the operator or until the app is uninstalled from the device.

Application Permissions:

  • The application requires access to the device’s camera functionality solely to support the reading of QR codes (printed on each smartcard).
  • The application requires access to the device’s Photo/Media/Files and Storage to temporarily store cardholder data as described above.