Project represents first deployment of Yotta’s flagship Alloy software for waste management in the Netherlands

Leamington Spa – 14th May 2020 – Netherlands-based, IT and services consultancy, Van der Meijden (VDM-Management and advice) has announced it has signed a partnership agreement with asset management provider, Yotta. Under the terms of the agreement, VDM-Management and advice will offer Yotta’s next generation connected asset management software suite, Alloy to local and regional authorities across the Netherlands as a solution for waste management.

VDM-Management and advice will be focused on selling Alloy as a waste management tool into waste departments in local authorities, municipal waste companies and waste collector agencies across the Netherlands as well as offering first line support.

Thanks to Alloy’s ability to connect assets, systems, people and data through an intuitive user interface, waste management teams across the Netherlands will be able to track and effectively manage their waste collection services; hold details of properties, bin assets; and plan the routes for collections. Through Alloy, they will be able to integrate sensor and control technologies to automate multiple aspects of service delivery. Alloy will provide a wide range of capabilities this industry has not experienced before and is easily connected to other systems via open API’s.

Anique Bravenboer, alliance manager, Yotta, said: “We currently have a strong focus on using Alloy as a tool for connected waste management and we are looking for waste management partners to support us in the different territories worldwide.

“We were impressed with the knowledge and expertise of VDM-Management and advice in waste management,” she added, “as well as the strength of its connections across waste departments in local authorities, municipal waste companies and waste collector agencies across the Netherlands. We are confident that VDM-Management and advice is the right choice to take Alloy to market here and demonstrate its benefits in delivering high-quality waste management across the country.”

Roland van der Meijden, owner VDM-Management and advice, said: “When I saw the capabilities of Alloy in delivering connected waste management, I had a vision of what it could achieve in the Dutch market and I was determined to bring it to the market and to explore its potential in the Netherlands. Alloy is a step up on what is available on the Dutch market today and I’m looking forward to demonstrating its capabilities to our broad range of customers across the country.”

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