Accurate biometric time and attendance

Secure higher standards for security, prioritise health and safety, and take control over resourcing and staff costs. With Causeway Donseed biometric verification software, you can streamline time and attendance logging while reducing time theft and other risks.

Why should you choose Causeway Donseed?

Employing biometric time and attendance software ensures consistent, reliable and accurate project data. Recording only the hours worked, Causeway Donseed provides project insights across multiple business functions, including commercial, operations, and health and safety.

Accurate biometric time and attendance
Accurate biometric verification

Fingerprint and facial recognition enabled devices help to reduce time theft and fraud, and eliminate unreliable and slow paper-based processes.

Reduce administrative costs

Automated attendance tracking reduces effort and increases efficiency and accuracy. Causeway Donseed helps monitor budgeted vs. actual hours for a clear picture of actual hours worked on site.

Designed for construction sites

Like all our software, Causeway Donseed has been designed with the industry in mind, to address the specific needs, challenges and use-cases of engineering and construction projects.

Trusted on construction sites

Causeway Donseed is already making a difference across the industry:

25,000 +
workers verified each week
120,000 +
timesheets processed each week
550,000 +
workers in the database
2,000,000 +
monthly biometric transactions
Manage time, attendance and compliance with ease-1

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Manage time, attendance and compliance with ease

See activity in real-time

Monitor sign-in and sign-out data in real time, across multiple locations. Ensure first aiders and site managers are present. Analyse trends, generate reports, set alerts and drive efficiency at all your sites.

Track timesheet costs

Capture accurate records of hours worked on site, to the minute. Keep on top of project costs, reduce admin and build up to gross pay with automated overtime rates and expense claims.

Employ GPS ring fencing

Enhance attendance tracking even in remote locations using the Causeway Donseed mobile app. Create virtual GPS boundaries around sites when physical boundaries are yet to be built. 

Simplify site inductions

Require operatives to complete online training, interactive inductions and auto-marking tests before arrival. Manage the trades and skills on site, ensure site rules and H&S policy acceptance.

Take control of H&S

Minimise health and safety risks and ensure compliance by ensuring workers on site are fully trained, aware of site risks and in the right place. Manage certifications and Right-to-Work records too.

Choose your hardware

Causeway Donseed works with your hardware of choice. Rugged tablets, smartphones, and other construction site access control systems are compatible with our software solution.

"As a company we want to try and take as much risk out of the business as possible. With the introduction of new technologies and the biometric system, this allows us to do that.”
Nicola Bird
Safety Director, KW Bell Group
“The biggest benefit that we’ve seen immediately within the business has been a vast improvement in timekeeping, which is making us more efficient and cost-effective as a business.”
Steve Pease
Swift Brickwork Contractors
“Having the option between fingerprint and facial recognition really appealed to us.”
Daniella Della
Office Manager, Hanover Building Services

How can Causeway Donseed work for you?

Increase visibility

Accurate real-time biometric data reporting ensures you only pay for the actual hours worked, reducing labour costs, fraud and time theft and increasing security.

Manage remote teams

Harness GPS functionality and the Causeway Donseed mobile app for workforce tracking at remote locations. Online and offline modes remove reliance on signal coverage.

Ensure safety training

Ensure only workers who have completed online safety training can gain access to specific sites, with verified audit trails for compliance with site regulations.

Increase efficiency

Reduce reliance on paper-based processes, and digitalise your site paper-trail. Connect site and office processes, and streamline and automate admin activities such as payroll and reporting.

Tackle resourcing challenges

Use real-time data to align projections and budgets with actual on-site activity. Driving responsive decision making, Causeway Donseed lets you adjust resources proactively.

Ready to discuss your biometric time and attendance needs?

Get in touch today to see how our biometric time and attendance software can increase security, boost compliance and reduce costs.

What you’ll get with Causeway Donseed

Accurate, real-time time and attendance data

Compliance with site regulations such as health and safety

Brand and product exposure to specifiers.

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