Connected asset management software solutions

Our asset management software solutions give highways and infrastructure asset management professionals everything they need to optimise day-to-day operations and meet strategic goals.


Make more informed, data driven decisions

We are transforming asset management and maintenance in the built environment. Boost efficiency and achieve real, impactful results through our integrated software solutions for operational asset management (Causeway Alloy) and strategic asset management (Causeway Horizons).

Meet your strategic goals

Make better long-term decisions with software designed with the future of asset management in mind. Turn your data into actionable insights and build realistic, cost-effective treatment plans.

Optimise your operations

Connect your people, assets, and operational data all in one cloud-based solution. Simplify complex operations, gain crucial oversight, and streamline your planned and unplanned maintenance.

Funding: do more with less

Our solutions help asset management teams with stretched budgets increasingly do more with less. Use data to identify where to save money, boost efficiency, and even make the case for additional funding.

Data to influence decisions

With enhanced data visibility, our solutions give you the opportunity to influence critical operational decisions. Keep track of asset status, assess environmental impact, and identify potential risks ahead of time. 

Meet your sustainability goals

Whether you’re responsible for streetlights, highways, or waste and recycling, our solutions provide data that empowers you to make decisions that lead to safer, cleaner, more sustainable places for everyone.

Remove silos and collaborate

When multiple teams are using different solutions, silos are inevitable. Our asset management software for public works breaks down silos to facilitate more straightforward, effective collaboration.

Explore our asset management software solutions

Operational Asset Management

Our operational asset management, Causeway Alloy, software connects, tracks, and manages assets, people, and processes. It centralises data, so you can compare performance and behaviour across multiple service areas, streamline operations and automate complex processes.

Strategic Asset Management

Our strategic asset management software, Causeway Horizons, helps you consolidate and interpret vast amounts of data to aid future planning. It enables you to visualise data in one platform, save money, and justify budgets.

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