Highways and infrastructure technology company, Yotta has unveiled the latest version of its highway asset management platform, Horizons. Version 2.7 reflects growing international momentum for Yotta behind its flagship solution and follows up on the international launch of the platform last year by making Dutch and Spanish language versions of the software available for the first time.

The Dutch language version of Horizons will enable Yotta to help its distributor partner, Wegdekmeten, grow in the Dutch market, as well as enhancing the service it offers to Netherlands-based infrastructure services company, De Jong Zuurmond, and reflects a concerted emphasis by Yotta on driving sales across the country. The introduction of the Spanish version reflects a growing focus on Spain as a target market but also growing demand across the broader North and South American regions, where Spanish is widely spoken. In addition to this enhanced language capability, the latest version of Horizons also offers full currency support.

“We’ve been rapidly building on the success we have achieved with Horizons in the UK, and in the short time since launching the product internationally, we have already achieved successful implementations across Europe and also in Australia,” says Simon Topp, director of marketing and international business, Yotta.

“The challenges and complexity of highways infrastructure asset management is not unique to local authorities and relevant government departments across the UK,” he adds. “Industry bodies worldwide have similar challenges to face – and we are seeing growing interest in Horizons across many countries as a result. We’re confident the new language and currency capability we have introduced in version 2.7 will help us capitalise on this interest and drive ongoing momentum for the solution internationally.”

Yotta has also made several additional enhancements to the Horizons software in this new version primarily to enhance its usability across multiple geographies and to deepen its analytical functionality, which in turn will enable asset managers to take account of recently completed work when running predictive, forward-looking analysis.

“Our ultimate goal with Horizons is to help asset managers all over the world gather together all of the data they have at their disposal, turn it into knowledge and use it to drive better, more informed decisions. Version 2.7 furthers this key objective, enhancing the software’s language and currency capabilities, while enabling users to visualise and use their data in analysis and ensure that their future maintenance plans comply with government standards and meet the needs of the road user.”

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