Causeway acquired in 2023 acquired


The platform transforms how highway authorities, utility companies and contractors plan, coordinate and communicate traffic interventions by enabling cross-sector collaboration and seamless public engagement. We have now fully welcomed into the Causeway family, and rebranded. You can continue your journey using the links below.

Find Causeway has now been rebranded as Causeway More information about the solution and our wider road management offering can be found here.

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Trusted across the globe by over 3,000 customers, Causeway offers leading digital solutions for anyone in the built environment sector. Find out more about Causeway here.

Causeway acquired in 2023

“The acquisition of further underlines our commitment to join up the workflow to provide one comprehensive, end-to-end offering for highways authorities and utility companies and their contractors to plan, monitor and communicate the management and maintenance of their assets. It's also very exciting to be able to deliver this combined offer to the US market now.”

Phil Brown, Chief Executive of Causeway

“As we step into this new phase with Causeway, we share a common vision and values, and are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents. The addition of’s platform with Causeway’s extensive product suite will deliver considerable benefits to our clients in the highways and utilities sector.”

James Harris, CEO of

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With over 20,000 operational users and many millions of public citizens and road users, the solution underpins traffic operations and communications across the UK and the USA. Combining with Causeway’s current infrastructure asset management solutions, including Causeway Alloy and Causeway Horizons, will streamline critical processes and deliver compelling insights to our customers.


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