Causeway acquired Reference Point in 2023

Reference Point acquired

Welcoming Reference Point

Through SkillGuard, a market leading mobile workforce management system, the Reference Point brand was well-known in the UK for delivering the  Network Rail Sentinel system, as well the Highways Passport scheme. We have now fully welcomed Reference Point into the Causeway family, and rebranded. You can continue your journey using the links below.

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SkillGuard has now been rebranded as Causeway SkillGuard. More information about the solution and our wider skills management offering can be found here.

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Trusted across the globe by over 3,000 customers, Causeway offers leading digital solutions for anyone in the built environment sector. Find out more about Causeway here.

Causeway acquired Reference Point in 2023

“We understand that the skills shortage is one of the largest pressures facing the industry right now, and so with this latest acquisition of Reference Point, Causeway is committed to providing technology solutions that help our customers tackle this head on. By integrating Reference Point with Causeway’s solutions, we can now offer a platform that provides a single solution which benefits the operative and their employer in some of the most challenging areas of our sector including skills, resourcing, attendance management and compliance with safety regulations.”

Ollie McGovern, Chief Commercial Officer of Causeway

"Having previously worked alongside Causeway, we knew that their ambitions and company culture aligned with our own. We’re delighted to be part of this rapidly growing, dynamic business where we will continue to deliver world-class solutions that best serve the workforce, their employers, and clients alike.”

Beric Davies, CEO of Reference Point

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The strategic acquisition of Reference Point provides Causeway with a single platform for industry bodies, asset owners and contractors to manage operatives' identity, training compliance, health, safety, and resource management across the supply chain. Additionally, it provides a secure place for operatives to hold their competencies and identify themselves.


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