Reliable Fingerprint Recognition Technology for Construction Sites

The Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution has FBI certified optical fingerprint technology to provide contractors with a consistent, accurate and reliable way of identifying operatives as they enter/leave a site.

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Causeway Donseed Biometric Timesheets

Fingerprint Recognition Designed for Construction

Discover the benefits of our fingerprint clocking-in solution.

The Causeway Donseed fingerprint recognition technology tablets provide a fast, highly accurate biometric solution way of identifying construction workers as they enter and leave your construction sites. The portal biometric tablets have a unique digital interface built-in and a number of sign-in options for your operatives, including fingerprint recognition, CSCS SmartCard and pin number. 

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Your Reliable Fingerprint Recognition Data in the Cloud

The Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution is configurable to suit your needs.

Time & Attendance

Record accurate site attendance data with fingerprint recognition technology records.

Payroll & Expenses

Fully build up to gross pay with automated overtime rates and expense claims.

Labour Tracking

Establish critical cost controls by reviewing budgeted hours vs. hours worked on site.

Health & Safety

Minimise your exposure to health and safety risks and ensure compliance.

Online Inductions

Save time by digitsing your pre-enrolment process for new operatives joining.

HR & Records

Manage training certifications, competencies and Right to Work records.

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Portable Biometric Tablets

Take advantage of a smart, digital interface on the frontline.

The Causeway Donseed Portable Fingerprint Recognition Tablet is a compact touchscreen device with a built-in industry-leading FBI-certified fingerprint sensor. With no hard-wired IT installation required on site, the portable nature of the tablets makes this device an ideal identification option for transient construction workforces.

The digital interface allows operatives to quickly sign-in/out and verify CSCS SmartCards, whilst also enabling administrators to check which operatives and/or contractors are on-site in real-time and record evacuations.

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Secure Fingerprint Templates

Industry-leading fingerprint recognition technology.

When operatives use the tablet for the first time they are required to go through a short enrolment process; once this is complete, each operative's fingerprint templates are given a quality score and securely encrypted in the cloud. Following this, as the Causeway Donseed solution uses cloud synchronisation technology, your operatives will only ever have to enrol once, allowing them to move between sites in the business and use any of your devices to sign-in on.

Causeway Donseed Biometric Timesheets

Deep Data Insights

Time and attendance at the core; but far more than that.

The Causeway Donseed reporting functionality gives you deep insight into your data, allowing you to make informed decisions when they are needed. There are a number of pre-configured system reports which can all be quickly exported into CSV, Excel and PDF formats. Scheduled reports allow you to set-up custom workflows so that a set group of people receive a specific report via email on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

The automated compliance alerts functionality helps you to proactively manage your workforce by allowing an individual or a group of people to receive a notification when specific criteria, like no first aider on site, is triggered.

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