Cost Management with Causeway Project Accounting

Proactively manage and control all Labour, Plant, Material and Subcontract costs easily in real time.

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Effortlessly manage cost and forecasts to produce NEC compliant applications for payment.    Find Out More


Consolidate Costs For Better Decision Making

Review and compare estimated costs against actual construction project costs in a single view to eliminate cost overruns.

By capturing and allocating all Labour, Plant, Material, Subcontract and Other costs at source, the solution will proactively monitor committed, accrued and actual costs on construction sites.

By offering the end user intuitive data entry screens, source transactions are captured directly within the system and allocated to project specific activities.

Providing a single point of entry, information is captured and maintained within in a central repository eliminating the need to re-key and reconcile data, improving visibility of project performance, saving time, eliminating errors and reducing cost.

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Powerful Drill Down and Reporting Capabilities

‘Slice and dice’ project cost data according to you and your clients’ needs.

Information can be interrogated by project specific activities, resources, transactions or traditional financial coding structures, whilst also offering comparison with estimates and budgets enabling you to take action to increase project profitability.

Proactive alerts can be configured to inform you when KPI’s, thresholds or business critical criteria have been reached ensuring no management decision making opportunities are lost.

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Integration with time & attendance and capture of labour/staff timesheets.


Requisitions, Orders, On-Hire, Off-Hire, Plant Timesheets, Breakdowns/Swaps/Losses.


Requisitions, Orders, Deliveries and Invoices.


Package creation, Comparisons, Orders, Measures, Taxation, Discounts, Retentions and Liabilities.

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Minimise commercial risk with the real time management of budget, costs, change and value.

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Remove the difficulty from measuring progress, managing internal liabilities and creating applications.

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