The Causeway Donseed All-in-One Biometric Tablet for Construction Sites

The Causeway Donseed all-in-one biometric tablet combines fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and smartcard verification technology in one portable and versatile device.


Biometric Tablet Overview

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The Causeway Donseed all-in-one biometric tablet has been designed for construction sites and is capable of managing small and large workforces.

It is an 8” touchscreen device with an incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor and a 13 MP camera with dual LED for facial recognition verification. It has a built-in NFC smartcard reader which enables users to verify identity through smartcards, as well as 4G and WiFi connectivity.

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Key Features and Functionality

Interactive User Interface

The tablet as a unique, interactive user interface allowing you to capture key data and see live site attendance.

Built-In Fingerprint Recognition

Users can quickly verify identity to sign-in/out on site via the built-in certified optical fingerprint sensor.

Contactless Facial Recognition

Users can quickly verify identity to sign-in/out on site via the contactless facial technology within the tablet.

NFC Smartcard Verification

Users can also quickly verify their identity using the built-in smartcard reader using NFC reader technology.

Causeway Donseed Software Screenshot

Integrated Labour Management Software

A cloud-based software solution designed for construction contractors.

By using the Causeway Donseed mobile application contractors manage time, attendance and identity by location or project, keep online records of training certifications and manage site safety within the software platform.

The reporting functionality provides deep insight into project data, in real-time and historically. There are also a number of pre-configured system reports which can all be quickly exported into CSV, Excel and PDF formats.

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Causeway Donseed Identification Options

Multiple identification options to suit your specific business and project needs.

Access Control Turnstiles

Biometric Site Access

The Causeway Donseed biometric access control solution provides construction contractors with a highly effective way of controlling access.

Mobile Application

Causeway Donseed Digital Timesheets Murray & Willis_Resized

The Causeway Donseed mobile application has been designed for to enable operatives to sign-in/out using facial recognition, smartcard and pin code.

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