Online Inductions

The Causeway Donseed online induction solution provides construction contractors with a fully customisable and efficient way of pre-enrolling new operatives before they attend site for the new first time, saving time and money.

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Run Efficient and Scalable Site Inductions for New Operatives

Fully customisable and cloud-based site inductions.

The Causeway Donseed online induction solution has been designed specifically for construction, enabling contractors to create customised site inductions for new operatives to complete online, before they attend your site for the first time.

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An Online Induction Solution Designed for Construction

The Causeway Donseed online induction is equipped with a range of features.

Personal Details

Securely capture and store all relevant personal information.


Provide downloads for site muster points and other key information.

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Questions & Forms

Add fully customisable forms and questions to digital templates.

Company Videos

Upload company and site-specific videos to your digital templates.

HR & Records

Quickly validate qualifications and training certifications.

Mobile Friendly

Enable new workers to complete online inductions via mobile.


Save Time and Money

Site inductions can often be unproductive and costly.

Any contractor operating a construction site must provide an induction to all new workers entering that site, but having Site Managers complete these inductions on site could be costing your business thousands every year.

How much could your business save by digitising your site inductions?

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Create Digital Templates

Ensure inductions are always up-to-date and consistent.

The Causeway Donseed online induction solution gives you the ability to set customisable questions and upload company videos to your digital templates in the cloud-based administrator’s dashboard. As your site progresses or your processes change, digital templates can quickly be amended by administrators. This enables you to ensure all new construction workers in your business receive a consistent induction during their pre-enrolment, have certifications validated and are aware of site processes before arriving on site and being put to work.


Time and Attendance Integration

Powerful reporting and automated compliance alerts.

The Causeway Donseed online induction solution also complements the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution which is widely used across the construction industry to capture and centralise project data, such as time and attendance records, training information and health and safety conformance, in the cloud.

The online induction application integrates with the biometric labour management solution seamlessly, meaning that pre-enrolment data uploaded during the induction can be pre-populated to provide further time savings.

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