Value Management with Causeway Project Accounting

Remove the difficulty from measuring progress, managing internal liabilities and creating applications.

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Effortlessly manage cost and forecasts to produce NEC compliant applications for payment.    Find Out More


Generate Applications For Payment With Ease

Whether undertaking a lump sum, target cost or term maintenance contract.

The platform enables measures to be created against a bill of quantities or an activity schedule and can be calculated either by quantity, percentage or value.

The entry of a measure can be used to automatically generate internal valuations and subcontract liabilities, however, independent adjustments can be made to all three as required.

The calculation of internal valuations, external valuations and subcontractor liabilities can therefore be done through a single input, significantly reducing the time traditionally associated with QS month-end procedures and reconciliations.


Maximise Project Profitability

Re-measured quantities can be incorporated in valuations and used to forecast final quantities, values and costs.

A flexible reporting system allows applications to be produced in an array of formats to suit specific client and contractor requirements.

Through integration with Project Planning software, the system enables the estimate to populate the project plan, allowing the estimated production for each period (milestone, accounts period, valuation) to be analysed.

By comparing this information with actual costs and actual measured progress, it is possible to calculate the Cost Performance Indicator and the Schedule Performance Indicator respectively. Each of these is fundamental in Earned Value Management techniques enabling the forecast of ‘best case’ and ‘worst case’ final project costs.

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Integration with time & attendance and capture of labour/staff timesheets.


Requisitions, Orders, On-Hire, Off-Hire, Plant Timesheets, Breakdowns/Swaps/Losses.


Requisitions, Orders, Deliveries and Invoices.


Package creation, Comparisons, Orders, Measures, Taxation, Discounts, Retentions and Liabilities.

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