Workplace Management with Focal 365

Dynamically centralise people, process, technology, space and utilisation data to support colleagues in the ever-changing workplace.

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All Workplace and Utilisation Data in One Place

Real-time process, technology, space and utilisation data in a central location.

Causeway's integrated workplace management solution offers a Property, Space, Utilisation, Asset and Application layer that provides the ultimate digital workplace experience technology Hub.

The platform connects your utilisation data from various existing data sources such as (IWMS) Integrated Workplace Management Solutions, (IoT) Internet of Things, 3rd party supplier’s databases and any other company database including finance.

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A Complete Occupancy Solution


A centralised command centre to view your entire workplace. Customise the portfolio data sets to include detailed workplace financials and cost of ownership analytics.


Visualise and manage your entire space with easy to view maps and analytics, ranging from building on a page to financials and land parcels.


Centralised data analysed from any legacy systems such as room & desk booking, security, access control, HR, finance, motion detectors, RFID tags, thermal sensors IoT and CAD/CAFM.


Visualise your workplace performance analytics including compliance, space types, vacant space, occupancy, energy, service and provider performance.


Manage performance of utilisation strategies using detailed trend analysis. Measure occupancy values by month or year to accurately determine progress over time and opportunities.


Causeway provides extensive IWMS experience in property, FM and asset management, enhancing IWMS by digitally collaborating with other workplace point solutions and centralising the combined BI.

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